How Channing Tantum and Zoe Kravitz’s Working Relationship Turned Romantic?

Channing Tatum dating

Sparks flying on set! Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz are the latest famous couple to take their working relationship to the next level. They’ve been seen out together a few times. Since Zoë Kravitz just got divorced and Channing Tatum is still one of the most eligible bachelors, what are they up to? Keep reading to find out.

Both Stars Last Relationships Didn’t Work Out

Channing Tatum dating

Before, the actor fell in love with Jenna Dewan, who was in the 2006 movie Step Up with him. After that, they got married in 2009 and had a daughter, Everly, in 2013. Five years later, fans were surprised to find out that the two were going their separate ways. In 2019, the divorce was finalized.

“Many years ago, we fell deeply in love, and since then, we’ve been on a magical journey together. Nothing has changed about how much we love each other, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now,” the actors said in a statement at the time. “There are no secrets or scandalous events behind our decision. We just realized it’s time to give each other some space and help each other live the happiest, most fulfilled lives we can. We are still a family, and Everly will always have parents who love and care for her.”

Tatum went on and off with Jessie J from October 2018 to April 2020, while Dewan started dating Steve Kazee and had a baby with him in 2020. Kravitz, on the other hand, got married to Karl Glusman in May 2019 after dating him for three years. In December 2020, the High Fidelity star and the Greyhound actor called it quits after being married for less than two years. Us Weekly said that they were officially divorced in August 2021, which was the same month that she was seen getting close to Tatum.

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How Zoë Kravitz Met Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum dating

The X-Men: First Class actress said earlier that summer that Tatum was her first choice to star in her first movie as a director of Pussy Island.

She told Deadline in June 2021, “I thought of him when I wrote this character.” “I just knew from Magic Mike and his live shows that he is a real feminist, and I wanted to work with someone who was clearly interested in exploring this topic.”

Tatum said at the time, “I was shocked when Zo told me about this… I had seen her in movies and knew she had produced High Fidelity, which I had also seen, but I didn’t know she was this creative and wanted to direct. This came out of nowhere, and the subject made me ask, “Wait, why are you thinking about me for this?” No one gives me a chance to play a role like this.

Everyone throws me down a different alley and expects me to do a certain thing. It was both scary and freeing to be able to talk freely, where I could make mistakes and say the wrong things.

After “working together so closely,” a source told Us in August 2021, “things turned romantic fast.”

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Working Relationship Taken to The Next Level?

A source says that Tatum and Kravitz had met before she chose him to be in Pussy Island. The Lego Batman Movie, which came out in 2017, featured both of their voices.

The Year 2021

In January, news came out that Kravitz was getting a divorce, and in June, she was supposed to direct Tatum in “Pussy Island.” In August 2021, when they first went out in public, Kravitz held on tight to Tatum as they rode through New York City on his black BMX bike. Tatum seemed to confirm their relationship by following a few Instagram accounts run by fans.

Channing Tatum dating

In August, After they went to lunch together in New York City at the end of August, the US confirmed that they were dating. A source said, “They have a lot in common. They’re both very active and love being outside and doing sports.” Tatum and Kravitz spent their first Halloween together as characters from the 1976 movie Taxi Driver. This was in October. The Big Little Lies star also supported a fan who dressed up as her and the Magic Mike: Last Dance star in a couple’s costume.

The Year 2022

February, Kravitz didn’t say much about her relationship with Tatum when asked about it in her March 2022 Elle cover story, Instead, she just said she was “happy” and gushed about his talent. In July, when asked about his girlfriend’s directing skills, the actor told Entertainment Tonight, “I’m in awe.” “She is doing better than I did in the first movie we made together with Dog. I mean, we barely made it, and she’s doing great.”

Tatum also said that Kravitz “saw” him, saying, “She has a strange talent for that. She can see right through a lot of people’s tricks, and it’s pretty easy for her to figure out who they are. She is one of the most purposeful people I have ever met.”

In November, Kravitz talked about her relationship with Tatum in a cover story for GQ. She told the magazine that he was a big help to her while they were making the movie Pussy Island. She said, “He’s just a wonderful person.” “He makes me laugh, and we both love art, talking about art, and trying to figure out why we do the things we do. We love to watch movies, analyse them, talk about them, and challenge each other.” She said on set that the Logan Lucky actor “really was my protector, and it was great and sweet.” She explained why the couple has kept their relationship quiet: “You want to keep it sacred and private for as long as you can. So you don’t have to worry about what the rest of the world thinks.”

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January 2023

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Tatum talked about the beginning of his relationship with Kravitz. He said that after their first meeting about Pussy Island, they “lost touch” for a while. “Then, two and a half years later, they came up with a great new draught. I thought, “Wow, you really have something to say.” “He thought back. “That’s the kind of person with whom you want to work. That really has this point of view that they’re always looking for.”

The Foxcatcher actor went on to say, “I have trouble with relationships. Even though I tend to stick with one person. I don’t really worry about anything getting destroyed at work. But when it comes to people I care about, I have a hard time with heart things. “You know, I end up trying too hard.”

He also tried to explain why he followed a few Kravitz fan accounts when they were just getting to know each other. “I have no chill, “he told the news station. “I was just watching her to see what she was doing! I didn’t think anyone would know either.


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