Chainsaw Man Anime Announced? Release Date and Details

Chainsaw Man Anime Announced? Release Date and Details
Chainsaw Man Anime Announced? Release Date and Details

Chainsaw Man is a hit manga series that concluded recently. Running over the span of two years, the series has only experienced highs and its popularity has risen to the charts. It is evident that manga of such caliber will certainly get an anime adaptation, the only question is when? Well, there’s some good news for fans as we’ve discovered great news related to Chainsaw Man anime.

In his recent interview, the creator of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto has shed some light on the upcoming anime adaptation. Here’s the little snippet from his thoughts on the Chainsaw Man anime release.

“I talked to the people handling anime. I felt that they were people I could feel comfortable leaving things to, so I don’t have any worries whatsoever. I love anime, but I don’t have any experience in making it, so I am leaving it all to them.” Tatsuki Fujimoto in his recent interview with Anime News Network.

Chainsaw Man Anime Announced

When Will Chainsaw Man Anime Get Released?

Back in mid-December 2020, the announcement regarding the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man was already made. In addition to that, the information about the studio working on it is out too. Fans of the show will be able to watch the first trailer on June 27 in MAPPA Stage 2021. After the release of the trailer, the anime may come out 2-3 months later since the work is already underway.

There’s no official information available regarding the release date of the anime. However, from what we know, we can speculate that anime will be out in late 2021.

Which Studio is Producing Chainsaw Man Anime?

MAPPA studio will be producing the anime. The studio has been a hot topic in the anime industry right now. Working simultaneously on two of the top shows has certainly made them talk of the town. It will be a great boost to Chainsaw Man for getting associated with MAPPA. Knowing the studio’s previous work, there’s no doubt that they will provide the best quality to the anime.

About Chainsaw Man

While it ran for a very short time, Chainsaw Man left a huge impact during its serialization. The story of Chainsaw Man portrays the life of the character Denju. The premise of the manga is set in a world where humans and devils exist. In it, both of these creatures can form a contract with each other.

Chainsaw Man

In Denji’s case, he does it with his dog which looks like a chainsaw and hence becomes Chainsaw Man. The plot follows Denji as he dives into a gruesome world where you either hunt or get hunted.

More on Chainsaw Man Anime

While people have high hopes from MAPPA, it will be interesting to see how they handle this particular anime. Most of the Shonen Jump titles aren’t as gory or dark as Chainsaw Man. Recently MAPPA worked on Jujutsu Kaisen but when it comes to violence and gore, it doesn’t match Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man

We’ve seen in the past how some dark and violent anime were handled badly by the studio. However, MAPPA has done a remarkable job in keeping the dark tone embedded for Attack On Titan which shares little similar vibes in terms of violence. So people are pretty optimistic about this upcoming release and hope that MAPPA will do justice to it.

What are your expectations from Chainsaw Man anime? Can it live up to the hype created by manga? Comment your thoughts down below. Also, make sure to follow us on our social media handles. We post constant updates related to all anime and manga news every day! 

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