Celebrity news:’Borat’ celebrity offers Trump movie part; rappers encounter authorities trouble on the street

If Donald Trump does not attain great success at the upcoming presidential elections, Sacha Baron Cohen has a brand new gig lined up to its president.

Later Trump known as the English comic an unfunny”phoney” and then”a creep” in reaction to his buzzy fresh mockumentary,”Borat Following Moviefilm,” Baron Cohen had a concept to the president Twitter.

“Donald — I still love the free advertisement for Borat! )” The celebrity and manufacturer tweeted Saturday. “I confess, I really don’t find you amusing . But the entire world laughs at you. I am always on the lookout for folks to perform with displaced buffoons, and you will require a task following (Inauguration Day on) Jan. 20. Let us talk!”

On Friday, members of the media Air Force One requested Trump concerning”Borat Following Moviefilm,” which comprises a contentious scene between the president’s personal lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, in addition to a succession that reveals Baron Cohen’s Borat wreak havoc with an event headlined by Vice President Mike Pence.

Based on Voice of America’s Steve Herman, colleagues wondered whether Trump had been”concerned about safety breaches” later video revealed celebrity Maria Bakalova — that performs Borat’s daughter from the movie — even entering the White House and procuring Donald Trump Jr. while posing as a conservative journalist.

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“I do not understand what occurred,” Trump told reporters. “However, years before, you understand, (Baron Cohen) attempted to defraud me and that I had been the only one that said no solution. That is a phoney man and I really don’t find him amusing.”

“For me, he is a creep,” he further added.

Gun fee for Offset passenger

A passenger in an automobile driven by Migos rapper Offset was detained in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Saturday evening on charges of carrying a concealed, loaded firearm in people, authorities said.

” The Beverly Hills Police Department tweeted 20-year old Marcelo Almanzar has been held to a 35,000 U.S. bond. Offset livestreamed himself being questioned by authorities on his Instagram accounts. The movie has been deleted and then he was later published.

Authorities said they received advice by a passerby about someone who pointed a weapon from a car, that patrol units ceased and researched.

Officials added reports that Offset was detained were incorrect.

Silento charged by speeding

Atlanta rapper Silento was arrested Friday and accused of forcing 230 km/h on Interstate 85 at Georgia, police said. Silento, or Richard”Ricky” Lamar Hawk, has been charged with reckless driving, speeding, and failure to keep lane and improper quitting, news outlets reported. A DeKalb County authorities report stated Hawk had been pulled over about 3 a.m. following an officer observed Hawk’s snowy BMW swerving around non cars.

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The report stated Hawk initially contended with the officer about how quickly he was moving and insisted he’d done nothing wrong.


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Afterwards, Hawk informed the officer that he had been speeding because he generally gets followed leaving occasions, ” the report stated.

The”View Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” rapper explained he was in a bar promoting his brand new tune which he could move 143 miles because he is not”a normal man,” the report stated.

The arrest comes a month later Hawk was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. ) Hawk was accused of walking into an unlocked stranger’s house from the Valley Village area of Los Angeles and visiting a hatchet in the 2 people indoors before among these .

Ahead of this arrest that he had been charged with inflicting corporal punishment to a partner or cohabitant in a Santa Ana house on Aug. 28.

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