Celebrating Nadya Suleman’s 47th Birthday With “All 14” of Her Children: ‘I’m Overwhelmed With Gratitude’

The birthday girl is celebrating! A large gathering of Nadya Suleman’s 14 children gathered to celebrate “Octomom’s 47th birthday.”

When Nadya posted a video of herself blowing out the candles on Instagram on Sunday, July 10, she had all of her children in the audience. “Being surrounded by so much love makes me feel very grateful,” she says. All 14 of her children, as well as a few of her oldest children’s significant others, sent her birthday greetings this weekend.

A special supper and dessert prepared by her children in honor of their mother’s special day were unveiled by the delighted mother later on.

A homemade vegan marble cake, doughnut balls, and lasagna created by her youngest “chefs” sealed the deal. “This is all that counts to me, family, and the love we have for one another,” she concluded.

Celebrating Nadya Suleman's 47th birthday with "All 14" of her children: 'I'm Overwhelmed with Gratitude'

As Nadya’s pregnancy with octuplets made headlines in 2008, she made sure to keep her followers in the loop about her progress. Every year on her birthday, she’s posted a photo or two of herself and her friends having a good time.

The well-known parent will be 45 in 2020, and she plans to have a big party for herself and her children. This morning she posted a picture of herself “sleeping in, working out” before spending time with her family.

She even posted a photo of herself with some of her children, but she made it clear that not everyone who came to celebrate with her was in the picture.

Celebrating Nadya Suleman's 47th birthday with "All 14" of her children: 'I'm Overwhelmed with Gratitude'

Nadya Suleman has made a point to protect the privacy of her children, despite the fact that she is comfortable revealing details of her own life with her social media followers.

She hasn’t been allowed to upload any pictures of her oldest son, Eli, to her Facebook page or Instagram account, but he did allow her to give a brief description of him in July of next year.

He posted a picture of a dirt bike in the back of a pickup truck, revealing that it was one of his favourite hobbies. ‘Thanks, Eli, for allowing me to share at least something about you and what you love to do!’ she wrote in the description of the photo. It’s possible that one day you’ll appear onscreen.

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