CCN is shutting down just after Google June algorithm update 2019

CCN shutting down after google update

CCN shutting down after Google Update

When Google’s 2019 June Core Update became mainstream on the 3rd of June 2019, make websites were stuck with misfortune. CCN, one of the leading cryptocurrency websites one of the victims of Google’s recent Core Update. According to the sources, CCN’s traffic dropped off from over 71% on mobile devices. Moreover, this happened overnight.

Sistrix, a leading SEO analyzer provided the data concerning the visibility on Google. According to Sistrix, the data came tumbling down from 1.2 and reached 0.6. Typically, when the data is almost below the benchmark, there isn’t a chance of getting affected by a change.

Nevertheless, the new change from Google directly affects the news organization, especially the small & independent ones that never found IPO funding. According to the analyzer, the money that these small news organizations gets funneled directly to grow the team.

CCN loss in revenue due to the new update

The daily revenue of the small news publishers is almost down by 90%. Now, even the stories are unavailable, given the small news organizations are seeking Google’s guidance. Some of these organizations are seeking help from the experts, as they are not left with any other option.

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Within a couple of days of the June Core Update, the revenue of CCN was down to over 90%. CCN came into existence as a news source for cryptocurrency before the crypto bubble took place. CCN is not the only victim of the new update, CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Daily Mail are also having a hard time.

CCN’s stance to survive

The cryptocurrency news website wants to keep its journalists safe during this uncertain time. And to keep their journalists intact, CCN made a call to shift the in-house journalist to, sister site.

Before rolling out the update, Google said that some sites would be affected with a loss in traffic. Nevertheless, the rate of drop in traffic was much more than Google noted earlier.

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