The Weight Loss Magic Of Casey King: All You Need To Know

casey king weight loss

William Casey King (“Casey King”) is a novelist, filmmaker, and ideas historian on the faculty as the Director of Capstone Programs at Yale’s Jackson Center for Global Affairs. King has also served as the Executive Director of the Yale Center for Analytical Sciences and was previously the Executive Director of Harvard University’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute. Before becoming an author and historian, King worked as a corporate bond dealer for Salomon Brothers in the 1980s. King is the author of Ambition, A History, From Vice to Virtue, published in January 2013 by Yale University Press. The book follows the evolution of ambition from a harmful sin to a recognised American virtue. Ah, Freedom! was also co-written by King.

Casey King’s weight loss updates

casey king weight loss

A man who weighed about 800 pounds dropped an incredible amount and is now at 238 pounds. Casey King, who appeared on ‘My 3000lb Family’ only four years ago, is virtually unrecognisable after undergoing a significant weight loss journey. The Georgia man weighed 51st when he appeared on the TLC reality show.

Footage from the show showed him in his underwear playing video games as recently as 2019. Before that, Casey weighed more than 56th in 2014 and was embarrassed because he couldn’t get out of his shower. Now 38 years old, the man has opened up about how his weight affected him mentally and how he changed his life.

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Casey King’s film and play

Before publishing his two books, King wrote, directed, and produced a documentary film about African American artist Henry Ossawa Tanner, broadcast on numerous public television stations. The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded King a grant to produce the film in collaboration with the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

King also wrote and directed a historical play in 2011. King based his piece A Revolutionary Woman: An Afternoon with Mrs Mercy Otis Warren on her letters. In September 2011, King directed performances of the play at the Yale University Art Gallery.

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Casey King’s personal life

casey king weight loss

King was born in New York City but grew up on Greenfield Hill in Fairfield, Connecticut. He attended Tulane and Harvard University after graduating from Phillips Academy Andover. He then earned a Doctorate from Yale. King afterwards became a devoted rider. King was a member of the French cycling team AVC Aix, now a farm team for the professional Cofidis team, living in the south of France. He also rode for a Cavaillon-based UFOLEP squad. In 2005, King broke away alone early in the “Challenge Yves Jullian,” winning by at least two minutes over the rest of the pack.

Casey’s before and after

Casey King lost 579 pounds in total (262 kg). After losing so much weight, King pledged never to return to his old way of life (though he would never forget it). Casey King shed excess weight by following a strict diet and exercise plan. Nevertheless, before we get into how Casey King lost weight, it’s crucial to understand how it all started. Casey’s weight reduction journey began when a TLC show producer approached him about losing weight. Casey agreed and pledged to try to shed as much weight as possible.

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