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cartoonz girlfriend

cartoonz is a well-known YouTube personality recognised for his collaborations with other YouTube personalities such as H20 Delirious, Ohmwrecker, and others. Let’s look into how he got started on YouTube after dropping out of aircraft engineering; we’ll also look into his personal life, girlfriends, net worth, and more.

Luke Patterson, better known by his YouTube handle Cartoonz, was born on September 21, 1982, in North Carolina, United States. He is known for his YouTube content, which frequently includes collaborations with other well-known YouTubers such as H20 Delirious, Lui Calibre, VanossGaming, and Daithe De Nogla.

Family and Early Years

Luke “CaRtOoNz” Patterson was born in Green, North Carolina, on September 21, 1982. Frank Patterson is his father, Gail Herring Patterson is his mother, and he has a sister named Christina. Luke believes he picked up a lot of his personality from his family’s move to Washington, D.C. He admits that he was a decent kid growing up, that he behaved well, and that he can’t recall doing anything wrong tr’s a Clearing House employee (a direct marketing company distributing magazines and merchandise subscriptions offering games with prizes and sweepstakes). So, for Christmas, Luke paid a visit to his grandma and gave her with $1200 to make up for the money she had lost.

He says that video games have been his obsession since he was a child, recalling playing them at the age of five. Luke always coveted the superpowers of invisibility or flight because he wished to be a superhero like the ones he saw in the games. Spider-Man was one of his favourite comic characters, and he aspired to be just like him, saving people and fighting evil villains.

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Is It Possible for Cartoonz to Date?

During his early career, Cartoonz dated H20 Delirious’ sister for over eight years, but the relationship ended.

He is currently seeing Genay Peavey, his girlfriend. Luke exchanges images with his partner on Instagram in a timely manner while going through his social media profiles.

Despite the fact that it is unknown when the two began dating, his relationship has put an end to LGBT accusations.

Is There a Girlfriend for Ca Rt Oo Nz?

Luke is a very quiet person who prefers not to discuss his personal life on social media, therefore nothing is known about his love life.

He allegedly dated H2O Delirious’ sister for nearly eight years, but despite the fact that their relationship didn’t work out, Luke remained close friends with H2O.

He is currently dating Genay Peavey, a successful entrepreneur. In September 2017, the two were first seen together at a football game, sparking dating rumours, which Luke and Genay quickly confirmed. They’ve been living together since then, and Genay now works as Luke’s brand manager.

Luke has never been married or engaged, and he is not the father of any children.

H20 Delirious’s Friendship

Jonathan Gorman Dennis, alias H2O Delirious, is one of Luke’s most frequent collaborators on YouTube. They made their first collaboration video in January 2014 and have collaborated on numerous occasions since then.

Luke and Jonathan became even closer as friends once Luke began dating Jonathan’s sister, and they began to refer to each other as brothers. Despite the fact that Luke eventually ended his relationship with Jonathan’s sister, the two remained close friends.

Jonathan never exposes his face in his videos, and despite the fact that he frequently collaborates with other YouTubers and Vanoss Crew members, Luke is the only one of his coworkers who has met him and knows what he looks like.

Progression and Career:

Before entering the social media platform, Cartoonz, one of the most prominent online celebrities, dabbled in a variety of disciplines.

Initially, he worked for AT&T as a lineman. After that, he worked as a DJ under the name DJ Cartoonz for a period. He has also spent five years as an Aircraft Structural Engineer contributing to Engineering.

He took the bold move of joining YouTube in September 2006, and since then, he has amassed over 3.7 million subscribers.

In a video titled “Assassin’s Creed: Unity- Co-op w/ H20 Delirious and Lui Calibre (Women’s Rights),” he partnered with well-known YouTubers such as H20 Delirious and Lui Calibre.

YouTube Videos

Cartoonz began his YouTube account by uploading movies on “Yu-Gi-Oh,” one of his favourite video games at the time. The Konami collectible card game is based on the same-named manga franchise developed by Kazuki Takahashi, and according to Guinness World Records, it is the world’s best-selling trading card game, with 22 billion cards sold globally.

After a while, he shifted his concentration away from generating card content and toward publishing video game footage, in which he can be seen playing a variety of games. As he began partnering with well-known YouTube celebrities like H20 Delirious and Lui Calibre, he began to acquire a lot of attention. He began by sharing a video of himself playing the game “WWE 2K14” with the two. The professional wrestling video game is the first World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)-a themed game released by 2k Sports following THQ’s bankruptcy. Thanks to his playthroughs, which typically included a lot of comedy, his fame and subscription base grew.

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Social Media Presence

Luke started his Twitter account in December 2013, and since then, he’s tweeted about 15,000 times and has over 800,000 followers.

He’s also active on Instagram, where his account has over 850,000 followers. He primarily uses Instagram to advertise his YouTube material, but he also shares about his daily life and interests, such as collecting car models and comic novels.

Luke, like many other gaming YouTubers, has a Twitch account with around 100,000 followers. However, he hasn’t been active on it in almost six years and doesn’t appear to have any plans to make live streams in the near future.

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