Carnaval ending explained – Social Media’s Adversary

Carnaval ending explained - Social Media's Adversary
Carnaval ending explained - Social Media's Adversary

The world of social media has plunged us into its madness. So much that we’ve forgotten about the ones that are physically around us. Such is the message that director Leandro Neri is trying to deliver through his Netflix’s Carnaval. Carnaval tells the story of Nina, an Instagram influencer who wishes to amass 1 billionaire followers on the platform. She is so sucked into social media, that her surroundings don’t even matter to her.

For Nina, it’s all about the virtual glamour and how many followers she can rally on the internet. However, through a certain festival, she comes to realize what it means to be a friend. That there is something out of social media that we should embrace.

The film provides us a positive message and describes the harmful sides of social media. At the end of the movie, Nina embraced her true self and decided to cherish the ones around her. Let’s find out the final moments of the movie in this Carnaval ending explained.

Carnaval ending explained - Social Media's Adversary
Carnaval ending explained

Trip to Carnaval

After a heartbreaking breakup with her boyfriend, Nina along with her 3 friends decide to go to a Carnaval. The purpose for the visit: hit the mark of 1 billion followers. To do this, she takes the help of aspiring pop singer, Freddy Nunes. The Carnaval is the place for all the big-time celebrities but Nina, is still pretty small. Her influencer status isn’t as broad as others in the Carnaval. Hence she receives a pretty low-class accommodation.

Nina’s Obsession

Nina and her obsession with social media is enormous. The escort of the group Salvador tries to convey to her the importance of the outside world. To some extent, she even understands it however, later on, resorts to her usual self.

It even reaches the point that she decides to desert her friends for the loss of clout. She doesn’t want her friends in some of the pictures on her Instagram because they aren’t credible. Hence by her actions, Nina even distances her caring friends away from her.

1 Billion Mark

Courtesy of Freddy, Nina finally achieves her goal. She amasses the 1 billion followers during the collaboration with Freddy. But for achieving this, she has considerably lost something vital. She comes to realize this when there’s no one around her to celebrate this feat.

Even Freddy, who she thought was into her starts making out with his manager. It finally hits her how she was so engulfed by the virtual fame that she lost someone important.

Search for Friends

Search for Friends

After realizing her mistakes, Nina decides to locate her friends in the crowd. She takes the advantage of online platform and starts the live stream. In it, she expresses her true feelings for all her friends and finally locates them.

Nina has a final revelation and she reunites with Mayara, Michelle, and Vivi. The Instagram influencer finds the true meaning of life and changes herself for the better.

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