Who Is Carlos Sainz’s Girlfriend? The Love Quest of Carlos Sainz!

carlos sainz girlfriend

Carlos Sainz is now a Scuderia Ferrari driver with Charles Leclerc. We have a lot of information regarding Charles Leclerc’s personal life. The Spaniard, on the other hand, prefers to keep his love life private.

Carlos Sainz has never openly discussed his romantic life since he rose to prominence in Formula One. According to reports, Sainz is dating a woman called Isabel Hernaez.

Who Is Isabel Hernaez?

carlos sainz girlfriend

Isabel Hernaez is a Spanish journalist who works in the Victoria Collection’s Public Relations department. She also works as a Fashion Consultant for a number of international brands. Hernaez has also modeled for a number of businesses on her Instagram account.

Carlos Sainz and Isabel Hernaez have kept their public appearances to a minimum. It’s unusual to see the two of them together. According to her Instagram photos, Hernaez is a foodie. She routinely posts about the treats she eats and bakes.

On February 24, 1995, the Spanish journalist and model was born in Madrid. Isabel Hernaez is highly active on Instagram, but she and Carlos Sainz have never uploaded a photo of themselves together. Isabel, on the other hand, has shared a number of images of her daily life. It’s unclear how she met Carlos Sainz Jr. at the moment.

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How Long Have Carlos Sainz and Isabel Hernaez Been Dating?

carlos sainz girlfriend

Their relationship’s longevity is unknown at this time. There have been reports of them dating since 2017. Isabel Hernaez has clearly been in a relationship with the Spanish driver for a long time. They could have been childhood or college mates. More information on the couple will have to wait.

We do know that Isabel was with Sainz during his most difficult periods of poor performance. The Spanish Journalist is crucial in assisting Sainz in dealing with the stress of Formula 1.

The cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix has forced Carlos Sainz to take a vacation from racing. On April 30th, he will compete in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Sainz and Ferrari have recently submitted an appeal against the 5-second penalty he received during the Australian Grand Prix. The FIA dismissed the petition.

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Sainz enters the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in fifth place, with 20 points. Scuderia Ferrari is currently ranked fourth in the Constructors’ standings. They are competing for the second position in the World Championship alongside McLaren and Mercedes.

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