How to make a Reaction role with Carl Bot?

carl bot reaction roles

We will learn how to create a response role using Carl Bot in this tutorial. With Discord’s reaction roles functionality, users may designate responsibilities for themselves by responding to messages with a certain emoji. By simply replying to a message, users will be able to rapidly join or exit certain groups or teams inside a Discord server instead of having to actively give themselves a position through the server’s settings.

A server administrator or someone with the necessary rights must write a message and add particular emojis as reactions in order to set up reaction roles. Then, each emoji may be associated with a certain role, meaning that a user will automatically be assigned that position when they respond to a message using that particular emoji.

An emoji of a sword could be added by a server administrator, for instance, in response to a message announcing a new tournament. The “Tournament Participants” status, which grants access to the tournament channels and other pertinent information, will be awarded to anybody who responds to the message with the sword emoji.

How to make a Reaction role with Carl Bot

Reaction roles may be useful for a number of things, such as setting up groups or teams on a server, letting users choose which channels or notifications to receive, or just providing a means for them to voice their preferences or interests to the community. The responsibilities and permissions that server administrators issue using response roles, however, must be carefully considered as they have a big influence on the server’s user experience. We’ll walk you through using the Carl Bot to set up response roles on Discord in this post.

What is Carl Bot

Carl-bot is a modular and completely configurable Discord bot that may be used for utility and moderation among other things. It bears Carl’s name, a software engineer and the man behind a number of well-known Discord bots. The bot uses the Discord.js library to communicate with the Discord API. It is built in JavaScript and operates on the Node.js platform. Anyone is free to use, alter, or add to it because it is open-source.

Carl-bot is a feature-rich bot with several functions, such as response roles that may be customized and self-assignable, moderation tools for administering and enforcing rules on a Discord server, and fun and utilitarian commands for making memes or getting information. Users may use it in their favorite language because it supports different languages.

Additionally, Carl Bot does a variety of useful activities that other bots are unable to. Reminders, YouTube alerts, text font changes, and enabling a strong degree of moderation are some of these duties.

Carl-bot provides a mechanism for adding and utilizing third-party plugins and modules in addition to its built-in functions, which can further increase its functionality. This enables users to tailor the bot to their own requirements and tastes. All things considered, Carl-bot is a strong and adaptable Discord bot that may be utilized to improve a Discord server’s community and functioning.


Make sure you have the following before we start:

A Discord server that has the authority to create and administer roles.

You now have Carl Bot on your Discord server.

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How to invite Carl Bot to your Discord Server

Take these actions to invite Carl Bot to your Discord server:-

Check out the website at You will be prompted to sign in using your Discord account on the website. The “Manage” option will become available to you when you log in. To continue, click it.

carl bot reaction roles

Select your Server after that to get going.

carl bot reaction roles

Carl-bot will request permission to create commands on Discord. Give this permission since the bot will be creating instructions for you to execute on your server.

carl bot reaction roles

Carl Bot will join your Discord server when you click “Continue.”

How to Create a Role

You will notice that Carl Bot has been successfully added to your Discord server after completing all of the previous stages. At this point, you must establish a role and give it an emoji. To create a role, you must take the following actions:.

Press the leftmost downward-pointing arrow in the screen’s upper left corner. As seen below, the arrow will be located next to your server’s name.

carl bot reaction roles

You will then be presented with a selection of many alternatives to select from. But only the “server settings” item on the list matters to us. In order to continue, you must click on it.

carl bot reaction roles

You may then create new roles and edit ones that you have already created by clicking on Roles. To create a new position for yourself, click on Create position (dark blue box as shown below).

carl bot reaction roles

After putting your cursor over the role, select the pencil icon. This will enable you to modify the role by altering the range of tasks the job is capable of performing. This is where you may modify the role’s name, color, permissions, and list of users to whom it has been allocated.

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Make a Reaction role with Carl Bot

After creating the new role you wish to utilize, you must use Carl-bot to create the response role. You must first enter a message in the channel where you wish to host your reaction roles in order to do this.

We choose to type the message in #General in our instance. After doing this, we must duplicate the ID from the SMS message. To do so, all we have to do is right-click on the text message, and a variety of options will be displayed. In the list, “Copy ID” will appear at the bottom. You are now prepared to go to the next stage by clicking that!

carl bot reaction roles

The next few stages will be simple to complete now that we know the ID of the text message. The message box will display Carl-Bot’s command when we type in /reactionrole add.

carl bot reaction roles

Upon selecting the command, we will be prompted to provide the message ID, our preferred emoji, and the role we wish to allocate to the person who clicks on it.

carl bot reaction roles

After you hit enter, we’re done! The feature for the response role has been activated. To assign the job, users now only need to click on the emoji.

carl bot reaction roles

We chose to use the alien emoji for our objective, so we could assign ourselves a role by clicking on it.

carl bot reaction roles

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Overall, Carl Bot is an effective bot that may be utilized for several automation tasks. This guarantees that you will save more time attempting to manage the server because the bot will do the majority of the tasks.

Furthermore, Carl the Bot also helps to make sure that users have read the terms and conditions posted on the server. This is accomplished by having users read a message before giving them the role that enables them to message in the channel by clicking on the emoji.

Additionally, users have the option to automatically allocate themselves to particular channels based on their interests. As a result, the user may give responsibilities through the bot, saving the moderator the trouble of having to personally greet each new member who enters the channel.

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