Cardi B Stands Up To Claims She Is’At An Mentally Abusive Relationship’ With Offset

cardi b responds to fan claims about offset

Cardi B is ongoing to become brutally frank about her balancing Offset! )

The songstress happened to Twitter late on Thursday to reunite fans who’ve been critical of her decision to make amends with the Migos rapper after first filing for divorce. ) She said in a movie:

“Twitter consumers be similar to,’Cardi, you are in a emotionally abusive relationship. Oh my gosh. We have ta save . And I’m,’All right, however do I **k him now? Since I want to have sex’ And ****s within my DMs speaking about,’What up major head?’ I really don’t enjoy this.”

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Cardi reasoned her pointed opinion, shooting off:

“I am 28 years old, and my head is not large. In fact, it can be, however, not having a lace front. The f**k.”

View (under ).

Literally pic.twitter.com/YhGvcUuhVO

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) October 16, 2020

The vocal artist also published a vid of himself, where she gave a bogus apology for her lovers, joking she”needed a child using y’all of” and she”wed you men also.” Insinuating it wasn’t the work of anybody what she picked because of her connection, she shared:

“Imma only give ya an apology since theres need me to plead for dwelling MY LIFE the manner that live YOURS. I am sorry. I am not perfect I do not wish to be .”

Imma only give ya an apology since ya need me to plead for dwelling MY LIFE the manner that live https://t.co/3egfd0WYYw sorry .Im not ideal I do not wish to be . Pic.twitter.com/bxYBgCkhl8

— iamcardib (@iamcardib) October 16, 2020

And if one Twitic said that the 28-year old warrants”improved,” that the Hustlers celebrity was quick to answer:

“I deserve w.e I wish to HAVE!”

And when all that was not apparent enough to her followers, the New York native routed a message out confirming she is still her”mad bum” self today:

“Imma make this very obvious. Earlier I had been a celeb I had been mad butt Cardi B. Same bitch ya viewed on TV and onto IG talkin s**t doing mad s**t.’m still a lil bit more composed today but nonetheless the same. I really don’t understand why I expect some thing different today. This ai not Disney.”

As we shared, this comes following the Bodak Yellow rapper supported through an Instagram Live discussion on Tuesday she had taken her back baby dad back following filing for divorce.”

The Grammy winner confessed she’d return together with all the 28-year old — although not”for focus” as many critics have asserted. In accordance with Kulture‘s momma, she is merely a”crazy bitch” who can not make her mind up about whether to remain with her guy!

She defended:

“Lots of folks have been harassing me. I am just a mad bitch… folks say I have been doing **t for focus and that and that… one day I am happy, the next day I would like to conquer a n**** up… I really don’t understand it is like that I start missing [him]… It is really difficult not to speak with your very best friend, it is really difficult not to speak with your very best friend.”

Let us trust Cardi and Offset can work out things and fortify their relationship moving ahead!!

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