Cardi B Deletes Twitter After faking Fans Are”Harassing” Offset

Cardi B Deletes Twitter After Claiming Fans Were "Harassing" Offset

For Your Bronx native, she clarified it is hypocritical of her followers to provide her backlash over matters”other individuals f–king do”

“Y’all desire to call yourself lovers, I do not offer a f–k. I am tired of this,” she voiced. “I do anything the f–k I would like to do. I like my fans and I am thankful and grateful for everything you do but a few ofy’all actually be acting like I’m sleeping together withy’all.”

Cardi pointed out that she’s far more important things to be concerned about. “Offset is only one f–king problem I deal with,” she acknowledged. “To be truthful with you, my union is among the least worries I have at this time.”

That is not the first time that the Hustlers celebrity has had to reunite in the net trolls. Before this past week, she phoned individuals who criticized her romance with Offset.

“Twitter consumers be similar to,’Cardi, you are in a emotionally abusive relationship. Oh my gosh. We obtained ta rescue ,'” she shared Oct. 16. “And I’m like,’All right, however do I f–k him now? Since I want to have sex’ And –like in my DMs speaking about,’What up major head?’ I really don’t enjoy this. I am 28 years old, and my head is not large. In fact, it can be, however, not having a lace front. The f–k.”

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