Cannabis Seed Storage Containers: How To Store Cannabis Seeds the Right Way

cannabis seed storage containers

Seeds are alive even if they don’t seem to do anything. Until you’re ready to grow them, they need to be handled gently and kept secure. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to properly store cannabis seeds; we’ve got you covered.

The cost of seeds is high, and properly storing marijuana involves a lot more than you might imagine. They will perish if you subject them to the weather and high temperatures.

The optimum ways for storing cannabis seeds, the impact of environmental conditions, and how to germinate cannabis seeds are all covered below. Let’s get going!

How Long Are Cannabis Seeds Viable?

cannabis seed storage containers

To survive, seeds need to be properly shielded from the environment. You can increase their shelf life if you keep them carefully. How long are cannabis seeds viable? Most seeds have a shelf life of up to six months at ambient temperature, however, users who store the seeds in the refrigerator can extend this period.

The lifespan of high-quality alternatives might range from one to ten years, depending on the environment and the strain used. Stronger variations only last three years, while hardy cultivars can endure the test of time. Inadequate conditions render even the most expensive cultivars incapable of surviving. Before you begin preserving marijuana seeds, familiarise yourself with all the different techniques.

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How to Preserve Marijuana Seeds

Living things are seeds. They risk dying if you don’t provide them with the right care. Cannabis seeds can be kept for a long time until you’re ready to plant them if you use the proper storage methods.

Make sure the environmental circumstances are ideal before choosing a suitable approach. Important factors include:

  • Light Amounts of Humidity
  • Variations in temperature
  • Your seeds may sprout too soon or wilt if any of the aforementioned conditions aren’t met.

Luminous Exposure

cannabis seed storage containers

The first thing to think about when deciding how to store cannabis seeds is light exposure. When seeds are kept in dark areas, they are less likely to germinate. Roots may begin to sprout if seeds are stored close to a window that is exposed to sunlight.

The seeds may be forced to spend their nutrition to live prior to germination if there is too much light. The seeds get weaker as a result of the exposure, and once planted, they won’t grow.

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Amounts of Humidity

You must carefully balance the two when keeping cannabis seeds and controlling humidity. Your seeds become prone to pests at RH levels below 8%. Fungi can grow if the relative humidity is above 10%, and when it is above 60%, plants wilt and die.

For short-term storage, a range of 21 to 30 percent is appropriate. Keeping seeds as dry as possible at 8–10% is necessary if you want to preserve them for longer periods of time. The effects on the seeds vary depending on the level.

Variations in Temperature

cannabis seed storage containers

The ideal temperature range for marijuana seed storage is between 43° and 47°F. Your seed will be less likely to germinate as the temperature drops. A “no frost” refrigerator is popular among growers. The fruit and vegetable area is the ideal location for keeping them.

They must first be vacuum sealed. It’s reasonable to say that the optimal conditions for cannabis seed storage are cold, dark, and low humidity. Some growers also use a freezer or a cool, dark area without refrigeration.

Your seeds are at risk if these conditions change in any way. Your containers must remain sealed until you intend to plant them. The seeds are exposed to bacteria and pests when they are opened.

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The Best Technique to Keep Marijuana Seeds Is to Use Containers.

You must select the proper container if you want to know how to store cannabis seeds safely. Depending on how long something will be stored, many solutions are available. Growers often choose from:

  • zip-top bags
  • The Mason jar
  • jars made of plastic
  • plastic bags
  • containers that seal with a vacuum

How to Long-Term Store Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seed storage containers

The most effective method for storing cannabis seeds for a period longer than six months is a vacuum seal container. Make sure that it blocks access to light and is dark in hue.

Put it in the freezer or refrigerator. You must once more make sure that the RH levels are correct. To keep the moisture levels stable and absorb ethylene, use a desiccant. Uncooked rice or silica gel packs are common substitutes.

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How to Short-Term Store Cannabis Seeds

The easiest way to store marijuana seeds is probably temporarily. You can choose a cool, dark drawer or cabinet. Make sure the area is always at a comfortable temperature. Effective containers must be airtight. Foam canisters, plastic containers, and mylar bags are frequently used by cultivators. The essential consideration is that oxygen and water molecules must be excluded.

Cannabis seeds should be kept in an airtight container, such as a mason jar, ziplock bag, or vacuum sealable container, for medium-term storage. You can increase the seeds’ shelf life by using a refrigerator. Because some freezers have low humidity levels, be sure to check the levels.