Cannabis Free Cigarettes: How The Startup Behind India’s First Hemp Cigarettes Hopes to Bring ‘solace’ to Its Users

cannabis free cigarettes

Except for the substance inside, hemp cigarettes are identical to tobacco cigarettes. There is only smokable cannabis manufactured from industrial hemp or high CBD strains; there is no tobacco.

These cigarettes have measurable THC levels, but they are below the 0.3% legal limit, which is too low to cause intoxication. Be aware that using any full-spectrum CBD product, including CBD cigarettes, carries the same risk of making you fail a drug test.

These can be a good option for you if you don’t mind drug tests and are looking for a smokeable substitute for tobacco cigarettes. They offer a comparable experience, have a comparable form, and may even have a relaxing impact. On the other hand, smoking anything exposes you to carcinogens and CO. Cigarettes made from hemp CBD are not “safe smokes.” On the other hand, some studies indicate that CBD use may aid in quitting smoking by lowering your nicotine cravings. Do yourself a favour and try some of the highest-quality hemp cigarettes available if you believe smoking CBD can benefit you.

Want to vape CBD that can be smoked but don’t want to smoke? Because weed pens are designed to vaporise THC oil, you cannot use them; however, portable cannabis vaporizers may vape any cannabis flower.

Why Are Cigarettes with Cbd Beneficial?

cannabis free cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes’ main goal is to offer a healthier alternative to tobacco use. Since hemp offers the numerous known benefits of CBD without the addictive and hazardous components found in cigarettes, it is being marketed as “CBD cigarettes” today. The same is true with vaping, but for some smokers, hemp represents the ideal compromise between the two.

From beginning to end, the entire experience is reminiscent of smoking. They arrive in the same cardboard box, which you are free to pack any way you like. The same filters that you’re used to using are still used, and you still get to peel off that tiny piece of foil. Additionally, they can be bought lawfully in numerous places including online.

The purpose of hemp cigarettes is not to make you high or taste like a high-quality cannabis joint. In the end, hemp is merely very low-THC cannabis, therefore they do have a faint weed odour. Hemp cigarettes might be the answer if you just want to replace your pack of cigarettes.

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Hemp Cigarettes: The Good and The Bad

cannabis free cigarettes

While hemp cigarettes are not for everyone, depending on your current circumstances, they might be just what you need. Here are the real-world benefits and drawbacks of smoking hemp cigarettes. Even though some of these might not relate to you, they are all something to think about.

  • Make Smoking a Real Experience
  • 20 pack packs with filters
  • require no prior rolling experience
  • Natural cannabidiol source
  • not habit-forming like tobacco
  • no additional hazardous substances
  • federally accepted (as of 2018)
  • less than 0.3% THC content
  • A simple switch from conventional smokes
  • produced using industrial hemp (not trimmed buds)
  • Not the highest terpene and cannabinoid content
  • They give off a light weedy odour.
  • perhaps with flavourings
  • Possibly won’t quell your nicotine cravings
  • It’s not as common as tobacco cigarettes.

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What Exactly Is in A Cbd Cigarette?

cannabis free cigarettes

If you were to crack open a hemp cigarette, industrial hemp would probably be inside. Not that crystal- and hair-covered bright green substance. The appearance of industrial hemp is much more akin to tobacco, but with a golden brown or faintly green tint. The “brick weed” of hemp, if you’re familiar with marijuana, is industrial hemp. Although it isn’t particularly attractive, it serves its purpose. In this scenario, the task is to offer both the advantages of CBD and a substitute for tobacco. The top CBD pre-rolls, which have up to five times more terpenes and cannabinoids, are ideal if you want the dankest smoke.

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