Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?

Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?
Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?

Directed by Nia DaCosta, Candyman is a supernatural slasher film based on the short story “The Forbidden” by Clive Barker. It is a sequel to a 1992s film of the same name and 4th one in the Candyman franchise. The movie stars Yahya Abdul Mateen II and Teyonah Parris in the lead role.

The plot of the movie focuses on Black People and the pain and torture they felt through the hands of white supremacists. Candyman is portrayed as the representation of black people and the character Anthony McCoy plays that role.

The movie centers on a strong subject that is still pretty relevant in today’s scenario. However, it fails to capitalize on the subject matter as effectively as some other movies of the same genre. In any case, it is a good watch. Here is Candyman’s ending explained and its last moments as depicted by Nia DaCosta.

Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?
Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?

Candyman Plot

Anthony McCoy is an artist looking to find his way into the industry. However, he is lacking inspiration and is constantly searching for it. He is joined by his partner Brianna Cartwright and they reside in Cabrini Green.

We learn through the words of Brianna’s brother Roy that Cabrini Green has a haunted history. A woman called Helen Kyle was burnt there. In the area, Anthony meets William Burke who tells him the story of Candyman.

Fascinated by this tale, Anthony decides to make inspiration out of it. Despite Brianna’s attempts to stop him, he continues to deliver its pain and agony through the paintings. However, his artistic life faces hurdles as the inspiration starts to bit him back.

Story of Candyman

In the short story “The Forbidden”, Candyman was a black man who got tortured and beaten because he loved a white girl. Candyman of 2021 expands upon the same notion and delivers the story through Sherman Field.

Sharman used to give candies to the people of the neighborhood. However, one day a blade was found in one of the candies. The authorities made sure to track him down. One day, Burke entered Cabrini Green where Sherman was hiding.

A surprised Burke screamed and alerted the authorities which led to Sherman’s arrest. He regretted doing that. After some years, when he returned to Cabrini Green and saw Anthony, he knew what was needed to be done.

What was Connection Between Anthony and Helen?

Anthony was kidnapped by Helen and she was trying to protect him. Candyman was after him and she wanted to save the baby. To save this child, she threw herself into the fire to defeat Candyman and left Anthony to the people.

What was Burke’s Purpose?

Burke wanted to correct the mistake he made in his childhood. To complete his plan and reawaken Candyman, he kidnapped both Anthony and Brianna. Anthony had to die for the revival of Candyman, hence he plotted a scene that would direct authorities to Anthony.

He did succeed in the plan as the police arrived at the house and shot down Anthony. Not only that but they offered Brianne two choices. Either admit that Anthony was responsible for the murders or take yourself in as an accomplice.

Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?
Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?

Candyman Ending Explained – Did Candyman Return?

Brianne didn’t choose either option. Instead, she looked in the mirror and said “Candyman” five times. And just like Burke had anticipated, Anthony awakened and killed all the police officers. The Candyman had returned through the body of Anthony.

He leaves a message to Brianne to tell the world about things that have happened today and those that have happened in the past. He is the killer of not innocent, but those who use the law to suppress and kill the weak in cold blood. After the reawakening of Anthony, the legend of Candyman once again lives.

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Candyman is a 2021 movie directed by Nia DaCosta and distributed by Universal Pictures.

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