Canada’s best places to observe the northern lights

Canada’s best spots to see the northern lights

The northern lights are so bewitching they’ve moved countless legends. The Southern Tutchone that reside in the Yukon think the gorgeous lights are a concept in their own ancestors. The ancestors dancing from the spirit world to allow the family understand they’re happy there.

The science supporting an aurora is a bit more complex. The vibrant dancing lights of the aurora are created when charged particles from the sun eventually become trapped in the planet’s magnetic field. This occurs most frequently close to the magnetic poles. The occurrence is named aurora borealis in the North Pole and aurora australis in the South Pole. Canada’s northern latitude using its low light pollution make it a perfect spot for seeing aurora borealis. Below are a few of the greatest regions to see this magical happening.

Fort McMurray, Alta.

Located to the 56th parallel, that the aurora dances in the heavens over Fort McMurray in cold, clear evenings from October through March and sometimes during winter. The aurora is generally found around midnight, but it might appear any time between 9 pm and 3%, lasting for hours or even only moments. You will find tour operators offering aurora-viewing tours out of Fort McMurray.

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Melfort, Sask.

Around 280 northeast north of Regina, Melfort was known as”the town of the northern lights” because of the frequency of auroral activity in the region. Spruce Haven Park is a fantastic place for aurora watching inside Melfort. If you wish to see the aurora whilst camping, then head two hours mid to Prince Albert National Park. The advertising slogan for the state of Saskatchewan is”property of the living skies,” and northern Saskatchewan specifically lives up to this reputation.

Manitoulin Island, Ont.

At two,766 northeast kilometers, Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron is the biggest fresh- water island in the entire world. You will find over 100 inland lakes around the staircase, and over it are a few of the darkest sky in Ontario. Gordon’s Park is Canada’s first commercial dim skies maintain and a wonderful place in which to see the northern lights. Spring and autumn are the best days for aurora watching, along with the playground hosts aurora borealis-themed weekends.

Nunavik, Que.

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Northern Quebec’s Nunavik area is a aurora-watching hot place. Even the Inuit village of Kuujjuaq is the biggest community within this area, having a population of roughly two,800. The tourism business Inuit Adventures provides multi-day aurora-viewing excursions which include airfare from Montreal. Throughout the afternoon, guests encounter Inuit culture, see archeological sites and watch wildlife. Aurora tours operate from mid-September throughout the end of April.

Whitehorse, Yukon

The Yukon is renowned because of its dependable northern lights screens, and auroras could be seen through the land. Mid-August into mid-April is that the peak period, and also dark clear skies supply the very best aurora viewing. By Whitehorse, Have a push toward Fish River or Chadburn Lake Road to Escape from pollution. There are a lot of businesses offering aurora-viewing tours out of Whitehorse. On these excursions, guests will be bused beyond the town, where you will find heated yurts setup, so that they could relax and wait for comfort before the aurora comes out.

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Yellowknife, N.W.T.

The funds of the Northwest Territories is among the greatest areas in North America for northern lights watching. The level landscape across the shores of Great Slave Lake provides excellent views, and also the minimal precipitation ends in plenty of cloudless sky. There are lots of tour operators offering aurora-viewing excursions, and there is an”aurora village” with heated teepees, outstanding viewing areas and space to accommodate around 400 individuals.


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Mid-November into the start of April is peak aurora period .

Notice: Please validate COVID-19 travel constraints before booking your trip.

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