Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy? – One Piece Chapter 1041 Discussion

Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy?
Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy?

A hilarious thing occurred in the latest One Piece chapter with regards to one of the CP0 agents. After his other half got knocked out by Izou, he received a call from his boss who tasked him with a new thing. He needs to eliminate Luffy and it is a direct order from the Gorosei.

The CP0 agent was terrified of the notion since it means jumping into the battle between two of the Emperors. He had a tough time dealing with Izou so how can he possibly defeat a man who is about to dethrone the strongest creature in the world? Let’s find out can CP0 agent eliminate Luffy.

Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy?
Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy?

Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy? – How Strong is the Agent?

So far, we’ve seen the CP0 agent in a couple of squabbles. Firstly, it was against the pair of Apoo and Drake and that was the matchup that they eventually won. However, they were gassed out after the victory. Later on, he and his better half fought Izou and one of them got knocked out.

These CP0 agents are strong and it’s given. They are capable of fighting supernovas and even commanders of the Yonko crew. However, when it comes to Yonko himself, things are different. A single CP0 agent can’t simply defeat a Yonko unless some miracle occurs.

And he’s not just dealing with Luffy here. If he jumps into the battle, he will have to face the wrath of Kaido. Kaido already got one interference in the past when he was fighting with Oden and he did not like that. Similarly, if the CP0 agent gets into this matchup, he will have to bear severe consequences.

How Strong is Luffy?

Luffy’s strength right now is comparable to that of a Yonko and marine admirals. It’s no big deal admitting that Luffy has become one of the Yonko now considering his fleet, the people he follows, and his territories. So it doesn’t make sense for CP0 to go against someone like him.

Furthermore, Luffy has got some impressive upgrades in the Wano arc which allowed him to fight one on one against Kaido. So if the CP0 agent barges into the battle, it will be an end for him. He simply can’t compete against a monster like Luffy.

Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy?
Can CP0 Agent Eliminate Luffy?

Why Does WG Want Luffy Eliminate?

Previously, WG was eyeing Robin but their target now has changed. They’re now after Luffy for some reason and we might know why.  Before this chapter, the Gorosei did mention a certain devil fruit whose name was hidden for some reason.

Maybe, they just found out that it was the same devil fruit that Luffy is using hence, it is quite dangerous to leave it in the hands of someone like Luffy. Since all the other admirals are busy with the warlord stuff, they have to rely on CP0 agents who are now closest to Luffy.

Another reason could be that they’ve recognized Luffy can’t be given more freedom as he may cause something major in the future. Their worry for Luffy has increased with each arc and maybe, right now it has hit the bar. Under no circumstances, do they want to allow Luffy to live.

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