Can Barack Obama Join Joe Biden’s Cabinet Staff?

Barack Obama may have campaigned for president-elect Joe Biden, however do not expect to find him functioning within this White House staff anytime soon. Throughout his CBS Sunday Morning about Nov. 15, the 44th president advised Gayle King he does not intend to a Cabinet place — and Michelle would not be too pleased about the change of programs, possibly.

“There are probably a few things that I wouldn’t be performing,’cause Michelle would abandon me” he joked. “She would be like,’What? You are doin’ what?”” Regardless of his jests, Barack commended his wife and brothers to their flexibilty throughout his presidency. There has been a continuous pressure put in their loved ones during his period at the office, and he expressed appreciation for his or her service throughout his interview. In reality, he committed his forthcoming memoir A Promised Land into Michelle, Malia, 22, along with Sasha, 19.

Barack additionally advised Gayle he never truly meant to become involved in campaigning again, however he felt a responsibility to become involved with all the 2020 election. ) “It isn’t my taste to be around,” he clarified. “I believe we had been at a situation in this election where specific criteria, specific institutional values which are so tremendously significant, was breached — which it had been very important for me, as someone who’d served in that division, to only let folks know,’That isn’t ordinary'” Watch the entire interview below.

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