Can a mad cat woman fall to get a puppy?

Can a crazy cat lady fall for a dog?

“Excuse me, is that a puppy?” Asks the girl queuing behind me out the vet. She is eyeing up the white and beige muppet-like monster I’ve stuck in my arms.

“No, it is a kitty wearing a puppy suit!” I answer, not able to help myself. There’s a small pause and I see the other individuals in the lineup are looking quite quizzically at me.

The women and I’d fallen for a friend’s pet and we understood that a similarly compact sort of dog could do the job for us.Credit:iStock

“Obviously it is a puppy! It is our brand new pup, Daphne,” I say with a laugh. Afterwards, I realise this was not such a stupid question because I am a paid-up associate of the Crazy Cat Lady Club. One thing I characterized for; I have had cats since I was a tiny girl, and I have 2, Daisy and Violet, I have designed unitards coated with cats (available on my site ), and I’ve innumerable cat T-shirts, accessories and dresses in my wardrobe. And what’s earned me life membership of this club? Just recently I had been on Celebrity Mastermind along with my topic of choice has been, of course, cats.

Therefore it has a significant turnaround to be a puppy owner. How can it occur? It had been the pester power of the allies that wore my husband, Petee, along with down me. We had the typical concerns about the way that it would collapse into the grown-ups to perform all of the heavy lifting. I also wondered whether I actually liked puppies? Were not they plump, egocentric and a great deal of work? Our children, who would put work as hostage negotiators, left me buckle .

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