Bugatti introduces three premium smartwatch models

Bugatti is known for quality, excellence, and exquisiteness in the design of its sports cars. According to the latest news, it is teaming up with watchmaker VIITA to develop three excellent smartwatches. In the last couple of years, VIITA has blossomed to become a leading luxury smartwatch brand. The partnership between the two companies reflects a common design philosophy of excellence and deployment of cutting-edge technology.

Bugatti announced three smartwatches. They come with an impressive list of features and functionalities. The smartwatches come with up to 90 different sport modes, health and fitness sensors to monitor vital statistics. It also comes with acceleration and GPS. The heart sensor measures both heart rate and heart rate variability.

Bugatti introduces three premium smartwatch models
Bugatti smartwatch models

The three Bugatti smartwatches are crafted with a premium design to offer the highest level of precision, class, and comfort. Users will be able to choose between a Bugatti rubber wrist strap and a titanium strap. There are multiple personalizations and customization options available.

The bezel of the smartwatches is made of scratch resistant ceramic. The cover is forged from lightweight titanium. It is backed up by a 445 mAh battery. The smartwatches also have a hi-res 390 x 390 pixel LED touchscreen within the sapphire glass housing.

According to the company, all three models are luxury smartwatches. As of now, they are available at the price of just €899 as an early bird offer. The company said the models are produced in limited quantities. Each model will have a warranty of up to five years.

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