Bubble Ending Explained

Bubble Ending Explained
Bubble Ending Explained

Directed by Tetsuro Araki, Bubble is a Japanese post-apocalyptic animated film which is produced by Wit Studio. Released on April 28th, 2022, Bubble stars Zack Aguilar and Emi Lo are in the lead role while Erica Lindbeck, Keith Silverstein, and Robbie Daymond provide the supporting cast.

Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, the movie is set in the future world where the world is now surrounded by bubbles. It makes up an interesting scenario where characters must deal with the ongoing issue and overcome their situation. Let’s discuss the Bubble ending explained.

Bubble Ending Explained
Bubble Ending Explained

Bubble Plot Summary

In the future world, it has taken a massive hit. What was previously surrounded by fresh air is now encapsulated by bubbles. Because of an explosion at the Tokyo Tower, all the bubbles get concentrated in one place, however, this makes the entire place inhabitable.

 However, such circumstances don’t faze the youth as they try to find different ways to live in such situations. Despite being surrounded by a bubble, they succeed in somehow surviving such harsh conditions.

To overcome this ordeal, they hold Parkour tournaments where they trade different supplies and keep the cycle going.  The main focus is the Parkour team called Blue Blazes and Hibiki, who is a very talented Parkour player is a part of it.

While Hibiki possesses the exceptional talent, he tries to stay away from the people due to his hearing problem. While Tokyo Tower is still inhabitable, Hibiki tries to climb it as he hears the voice of a woman and thinks he sees a boy. However, before he could reach the top, he falls into the ocean.

Who is Uta?

After Hibiki falls, he sees a formation of a woman. When he fell, the final exhale combined with some of the bubbles in the ocean and as a result, Uta, a woman was produced. Uta is a new entity that doesn’t know anything about humans.

Hibiki is the first person to interact with her and sort of becomes his guide. He teaches her a lot of new things about humans as well as teaches her some Parkour moves. They even manage to beat one of the teams, however, in one of the final matches, Uta’s hand fades into a bubble before touching Hibiki.

Bubble Ending Explained
Bubble Ending Explained

Bubble Ending Explained – Was Uta Real?

The activity at Tokyo Tower starts again and people start fleeing the area to protect themselves. Uta takes it upon herself to reach the top of the tower and stop the bubbles. Hibiki chases her in the hopes to save her.

Hibiki finally reaches Uta and both of them manage to save each other. However, Uta fades into bubbles and thus her short-lived life comes to an end. Before departing, she tells Hibiki that he made it worth it for her to be human.

Things start to rebuild at the Tokyo Tower as the bubbles are finally gone. The Parkour tournaments still occur as people use them as means to survive. Hibiki still remembers his interactions with Uta, and even though he doesn’t know if she was real or not, he feels that she’s still near him.

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