BTS: Jin winks but REFUSES to blow kisses despite ARMY member’s request; Here’s Why

BTS singer Jin hosted a surprise live session with the ARMY. The singer enjoyed a delicious meal while he interacted with his fans.

Sorry Run BTS but we wouldn’t mind a weekly session of the “Eat Jin” session. The BTS singer surprised fans by hosting a VLive on Wednesday. The Bangtan Boy showed his Worldwide Handsome face a few hours after he was seen on the florist episode of Run BTS. This time around, the singer decided to have a meal while chatting with the ARMY. He revealed he had ordered grilled beef Gopchang with some vegetable, grilled Beef brisket, and grilled rice cake.

Over 3.5 million fans tuned in to watch the singer enjoy his meal. One of the million ARMY members reached out to the handsome hunk and requested him to blow out kisses to fans. While we hoped Jin would oblige, the eldest BTS member refused the request. Before you get upset over the singer breaking the fan’s heart, Jin revealed why he wasn’t going to blow away kisses. 

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As per several fan translations, Kim Seokjin didn’t do it because he wanted to save the kiss for when BTS reunites on the stage for concerts. Our heart breaks! We pray the situation across the globe resolves quickly and we watch BTS set the stage on fire soon. *sobs*!

Jin made up for the kiss by showering winks several times during the live. He not only winked during the live, but also ended the live with a Good Night wink. Apart from the wink and kiss incidents, Jin also won everyone over with his reaction to a burp. Check out a few screenshots from the live below: 

ARMY asked Jin to do ‘Blowing Kiss’ now but he said he wants to save it to do on the stage later.. @BTS_twt

— Soo Choi⁷ (@choi_bts2) April 8, 2020

Good night wink @BTS_twt

— 수초이⁷ (@SooChoiFolder) April 8, 2020

Jin live WinksPromises to blow kiss on stage laterTeeny tiny burp

— Ruth Army⁷ (@namtitscult) April 8, 2020

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오늘도 고마워 석진아 석진시#방탄소년단진 #btsjin @BTS_twt

— 김석진의 날⁷ (@_jinnarrr) April 8, 2020

Meanwhile, BTS is reportedly working on a new Japanese album. Read all about it here: BTS to drop a Japanese album in July; J Drama Spiral Labyrinth’s OST Stay Gold to feature on the album?

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