Bruno wants to win the Champions League with Man Utd

Manchester United
Manchester United

News from UEFA Europa Semis as Man Utd qualified for the Gdansk Final after a brilliant performance of Bruno Fernandes against ROMA.

Manchester United club owners received too many criticisms lately due to miss management of the club. The fans think that a club should consider the better investment to play at the top level of every competition.

The Man Utd players lived up to their expectations and certainly made the best out of their current situation. Man Utd enters the UEFA Europa League Final once again after 4 years.  

Red Devils won the Europa League beating Ajax in 2017 by 2-1 under Jose Mourinho, and that’s the last trophy Man Utd have won.

Bruno Man Utd
Burno fernandes the goal maker for Man Utd

Man Utd Talisman, Bruno Fernandes dominated against ROMA

The fate of Manchester United completely changed since the time they bought Bruno Fernandes. Coming from Sporting Lisbon in mid-season transfer, he adjusted well and quick.

The 26 years old Portuguese made a huge impact on the team this season. He has scored 26 goals from 53 appearances.

Even against AS Roma, Man Utd scored 6 goals in 1st leg where Bruno Fernandes scored 2 goals and made 2 assists. In both legs combined, he has 3 assists with the same goals.

Bruno combined well with his teammates, and specially Edinson Cavani, whom he assisted the most; in the Semi-Final fixture.

Bruno Fernandes wants to win the Champions League with Man Utd

During a press conference, when asked about his tally in a single match, he felt blessed. Bruno Fernandes felt good with the 2 Goals and 2 assists in 1st leg.

But he doesn’t consider this as success. He hasn’t lifted any trophy since he has arrived at Old Trafford.

Hence, Bruno Fernandes wants to win more and more trophies, starting with the Europa on 26th May at Gdansk against Villareal.

Bruno wants to compete in UEFA Champions League, where he thinks the team belongs. And to win trophies, he will love to improve himself, even more, to help his team achieve heights.

Fans see a future leader in Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has already shown the character of becoming a great leader. He loves to motivate his team, and contribute to their performances.

He didn’t fail to admit and criticize faults. Bruno Fernandes urged his team to provide their best, to win difficult matches. Fans see a true leader in the young creative mid-fielder. He also wants Edinson Cavani and Paul Pogba to stay at the club, and help the team win trophies.