Brooklinn Khoury’s Lip Reconstruction Experience: A Journey to a Confident Smile!

Brooklinn Khoury Shares Progression of Her Lip Reconstruction: 'My Face Gradually Starts Looking Better'

After undergoing many treatments to repair her top lip and a portion of her nose, Brooklinn Khoury is overjoyed with the outcomes and claims that her scars are hardly noticeable.

The professional skateboarder, age 23, posted a TikTok video on Sunday detailing her recovery from a pit bull assault in 2020. She reacted to a reader who commended her “excellent” progress by mentioning how scarcely obvious her scars are.

“My surgeon was trying to conceal my scars in my grin, and he was successful. It’s excellent “Before releasing pictures of herself following her reconstructive procedures, Khoury stated in the video. “Take a look at these images from each surgery’s recovery. Watch how my face progressively begins to look better.”

She boasted that she has “camouflaged scars” in the caption of the photo.

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Last month, Khoury posted a series of images documenting her recovery on Instagram while noting how originally terrified she had been of getting hurt and considering the importance of tenacity.


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“The progress I’ve made since the attack needed to be emphasized to me today. I feel a manner that is difficult for me to describe when I look back at old pictures and movies. However, it changes my viewpoint on how valuable life and time are “She composed. “Even though the timing is so erratic, it is also so wonderful. I never would have expected anything like this to occur, but I have learned a lot during this entire journey about life and finding happiness. Whatever you are going through will get better and pass according to plan.”

When a dog mauled Brooklinn Khoury, she shared a photo of her face at the time. I knew it was wrong.

Khoury said in another post, “When I got into the attack, it was very hard to know what the future held for me. “I give God thanks for providing me the courage and the people in my life to support me as I develop and keep believing in the process.”

Brooklinn Khoury Shares Progression of Her Lip Reconstruction: 'My Face Gradually Starts Looking Better'

She also provided followers a glimpse of the extent of her injuries at the moment, just after the incident. She responded in a TikTok video to a follower who enquired as to whether she had any pictures from the day she was attacked by the dog.

Khoury remarked in the video, “I knew it was awful, but I didn’t realize how horrible it was. “There were no mirrors where I looked. I grabbed my phone out of my back pocket so I could see my face on the screen. But I was unaware that my phone had taken a photo.”

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Then Khoury posted two images of her injury: one showing her face bandaged and the other, which was edited, showing her face visibly covered in blood.

It’s strange because this picture has really helped my doctor figure out what occurred since he could see the bite marks that were left after the attack.

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