Brooklinn Khoury’s Before and After result Of Surgical Treatment

Brooklinn Khoury is a skateboarder, social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur from the United States. She rose to prominence due to her friendship with actress Chloe Lukasiak. Brooklinn collaborates with a variety of products online, including DC Shoes for the women’s skateboarding squad. Furthermore, the actress was about to film her debut TV advertisement when a dog viciously assaulted her. The skateboarder was born in Southern California and now resides in Los Angeles. She is of Caucasian ancestry and American nationality. The Instagram celebrity is a devout Christian. Melissa Demenagos and Ephrem Khoury are Brooklinn’s parents. In Rancho Santa Margarita, California, they run a private business. Sam and George are her two siblings.

Brooklinn Khoury’s surgery update

Brooklinn Khoury proudly displays the results of her most recent — and presumably final — reconstructive surgery. On Thursday, the pro skateboarder shared images of her face following what she anticipates to be her last treatment on social media. The 23-year-old has had seven reconstructive surgeries after losing her upper lip and half of her nose in a pit bull attack in 2020.

Before the big day, Khoury spoke to PEOPLE about what the surgery entails and how she feels as she nears the end of this long journey. “With this operation, my doctor is rebuilding the top lip by adding a Cupid’s bow and middle columns. Making my lip appear more attractive, “Khoury tells PEOPLE that her procedures generally take an entire day.

“My doctor is very cautious and wants everything to be flawless.” The healing procedure can take up to six weeks, and she adds that she won’t have any feeling in her top lip for up to four months after the surgery.

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What happened to Brooklinn?

Brooklinn, mauled by a bulldog in 2020, required seven reconstructive surgery. Brooklinn stated in a previous post that she was afraid she would never be able to smile or eat normally again. The attack occurred in November 2020, and she has been incredibly open about her injuries in the years since, routinely uploading images of her upper lip in various stages of restoration.

Brooklinn explained the procedure to People ahead of her latest surgery. “With this operation, my doctor is rebuilding the top lip by adding a Cupid’s bow and middle columns. Making my lip appear more attractive, “She elaborated.

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Brooklinn’s relationship with Chloe Lukasiak

Dancing Moms alum Chloé Lukasiak revealed her relationship with her girlfriend, Brooklinn Khoury, on Instagram a few months ago. The couple had been dating secretly for months but opted to keep their romance private. The pair is now gradually exposing more about their courting and relationship to the world. So, how did the couple meet?

Both Khoury and Lukasiak are used to being in the spotlight. Whereas Lukasiak is well-known as a dancer, actor, and reality TV personality, Khoury has gained popularity as a professional skateboarder. Despite their celebrity, the couple met in the same way that many ordinary people do. The two recounted how they initially met in a YouTube video.

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