Brooke Bruk Jackson’s Ethnicity: An In-Depth Exploration

Brooke Bruk Jackson's Ethnicity

The fact that Miss Universe Zimbabwe is a white woman has sparked controversy around the world. It has started a discussion on a wide variety of social media platforms. Brooke Bruk Jackson was crowned Miss Universe Zimbabwe 2023 on September 16th, 2023 after her victory in the pageant.

The well-known international tournament has been put on hold for the previous 22 years due to scheduling conflicts. Now, she is getting ready to represent her country at the Miss Universe 2023 competition, which is going to be held in El Salvador in the month of November 2023.

After defeating Amanda Mpofu and Nokutenda Marumbwa, who ultimately placed first and second, respectively, Brooke has emerged as a leading candidate for the opportunity to represent her country at the international level.

Brooke Bruk Jackson’s Ethnicity

Although Brooke Bruk Jackson’s birth details are not known, according to several media reports she’s 22 years old. Brooke Bruk Jackson’s family is originally from Harare in Zimbabwe, and she was born there. Her mother’s name is Tracey Evans Bruk-Jackson, and her father’s name is Jackson. In addition to her full-time job as a beauty therapist at Aesthetic Solutions Zim in Harare, she also worked part-time as a model.

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In order to earn her degree in fashion design, Brooke Bruk Jackson first attended Chispite Senior School in Harare, which is located in Zimbabwe. Afterward, she attended the British Academy of Fashion Design in London. In the year 2022, she began her career as a model by signing a contract with the modeling talent agency Boss Models South Africa, which was located in Cape Town.

Prize Money for her Winning the Miss Zimbabwe

Her accomplishment of being named Miss Universe Zimbabwe has undoubtedly brought a sense of pride to the people in her town. As a result of Brooke Bruk Jackson’s victory, the Style by Minnie brand presented her with a cash prize in the amount of $10,000. In addition, numerous companies, such as Essentials by Tanya, Hilz Couture, Optimas Photography, Langa Cosmetics, and iHelp, have agreed to collaborate with her on an exclusive basis as part of a partnership agreement.

In the last round, the question that was posed to her was, “What is your greatest fear?” This prompted her to respond, “My greatest worry is that I won’t be able to make a difference in the lives of other people.” Whoever comes into my life, I want them to leave not being inspired and transformed by the way I look, but by the things that are in my heart.

While this is going on, her victory has ignited a discussion about why a white girl was able to earn the title of Miss Zimbabwe. Many people on Twitter are saying that she is of white ethnicity and that Black girls should have won the title because the country is known for its large Black population. These people believe that black girls should have won the title because of the country’s reputation.


She stated in an interview that although her “roles and duties” may have changed after she was elected Miss Universe Zimbabwe, she “has not changed as a person.” She was asked how she felt now that she had held the title. Jackson stated that she has developed as a person throughout the course of her experience with the pageant and that she cannot wait to represent her country worldwide and serve as an example to younger generations.

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