Bronny James Girlfriend: All the Latest Updates About His Current or Past Datings!!

bronny james girlfriend

James is a senior at Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, California. His prom photos demonstrate how mature he has become and how enthusiastic he is about the future. Peyton Gelfuso, his prom date, was seen in a few of the images.

LeBron James, Bronny’s father, has always wished for his kid to play in the NBA before he quits. He has already received scholarship offers from a number of institutions as a four-star talent in the 2023 class.

Raymond, LeBron LeBron James’ adolescent son, “Bronny” James Jr., is a basketball player and esports caster. Many admirers, though, are more interested in his personal life than in his athletic ability.

Until he became increasingly active on social media, the adolescent appeared to keep a low profile and kept his dating life hidden. Fans questioned his dating life in 2020 as he returned to Instagram and liked a photo of an Instagram model.

After apparently being grounded for smoking what seemed to be marijuana in a video on his Instagram Stories, which he promptly deleted, the high schooler went missing from Instagram.

Bronny was rumored to have been grounded after missing a live streaming session with Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. They were going to play “Call of Duty,” a video game.

Isabella, Bronny James’ Alleged Girlfriend

bronny james girlfriend

After he responded to one of her images with a crown emoji at the end of 2020, reports that Bronny was dating a model from Miami called Isabella began to circulate.

Immediately, scores of sites began publishing the story, referring to Isabella Bronny as her girlfriend. During one of her Instagram live sessions, she debunked the claims.

She confessed she was unmarried when a fan inquired about her relationship status and dating rumors with Bronny. She went on to say that they were not dating and referred to him as her “buddy.”

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Earlier Dating Rumors


Bronny has been the subject of rumors about his relationship before. He was earlier said to be dating Peyton, a TikToker with over a million followers on the platform.

When she and Bronny participated in a Bop It trend together, the rumor began. Despite the fact that the rumor gathered a lot of traction, no party verified or denied it.

The news that Peyton was Bronny’s putative girlfriend was met with conflicting responses. Some people were thrilled for them, while others were upset because he was seeing a white female.

He had previously faced backlash for a similar reason when he revealed the kind of women he was drawn to in a TikTok video. He’d replied that he favored Caucasian, Latina, and fair-skinned gals.

Interested in Dating an Instagram Model?

bronny james girlfriend

Bronny was fortunate in that his punishment only lasted a few weeks since he is already active on social media. He is reportedly dating Isabella, an Instagram model who resides in Miami.

Because he replied to one of Isabella’s photos with a crown emoji, there are allegations that Bronny is dating her.

Fans believe the influencer has her mind on straight because, in between all the seductive photos, she continues to post about Black Lives Matter and the significance of voting.

With a Tik Toker, Dating Rumor

bronny james girlfriend

Bronny’s purported ex-girlfriend before Isabella was a TikTok girl named Peyton, who had over 1 million followers on the platform. Peyton began the myth when he joined Bronny in a Bop It trend.

People assumed they were a couple almost immediately. She is undeniably beautiful, and the two could have been an adorable couple, but neither of them ever acknowledged or denied their connection. Peyton has done this with numerous other guy friends, leading to the false assumption that they were dating. The internet response was a little divided. Some people were upset that Bronny was dating a white female, while others praised him and said they looked beautiful together.

In the Footsteps of His Father

LeBron James Jr., commonly known as Bronny, is quickly establishing himself as one of the most well-known sportsmen on the internet and on social media. The 16-year-old has demonstrated his limitless potential. Despite certain parallels in their game, James is not his father’s player. LeBron James is a physical force to be reckoned with. He is capable of playing all five positions. James, on the other hand, is somewhat shorter at six feet two inches and prefers to play on the perimeter.

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His High School Team’s Best Player

bronny james girlfriend

Before starting high school, James played basketball for several Amateur Athletic Union teams. Bronny began playing with the Miami City Ballers when he was nine years old, and in 2015, he led the Gulf Coast Blue Chips to a fourth-game title at the League Dallas HYPE Sports Summer Jam. He was a member of the North Coast Blue Chips squad that won the John Lucas All-Star Weekend in Houston in 2018. That same Blue Chips team went undefeated and won the Under 13 Championship in the NY2LA Swish N Dish event in Wisconsin a month later.