Bring Me The Horizon reveal how Linkin Park’s’Hybrid Theory’ affected their sound”We reference them”

Bring Me The Horizon reflect on how Linkin Park's 'Hybrid Theory' influenced their sound: "We still reference them"

Bring Me The Horizon’s Jordan Fish is opened upon the way Linkin Park’s’Hybrid Theory’ affected the group’s sound.

The nu-metal group’s seminal debut record will observe its own 20th anniversary later this season, and it is widely considered among the strongest recordings in the genre.

At a fresh NME meeting to mark the landmark, Fish stated that the document’s far-reaching influence could be observed on each record in the Sheffield group.

“Despite the record we are doing at the moment we still mention them. They are one of the bands that I’ve at the back of my head once we’re considering where a tune should go next,” he explained.

Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington (Credit: Getty)

“It is the Bible for thick, catchy music which combines pop and electronic songs, which will be our short. They simply covered much ground and did so with this course on that album”

Fish included:”Linkin Park were not a really macho group, were you? It had been still rebellious, but they had universal tunes like’In the End’ your mom could enjoy the radio. A whole lot of tunes from this age were ‘Fuck everybody ‘ Bro anger, however, Linkin Park have been a ton more emo and introspective. They did not have that ridiculous aggression a lot of nu-metal circles needed; they had been speaking about sadness.”

It comes following Linkin Park marked the anniversary by releasing a”missing” tune’Pictureboard’ within the new re-issued variant of this album.

The monitor stems from a period once the group were called Xero. Formerly, fans understood that’Pictureboard’ disappeared but, besides a imagining to have noticed it within a period track through a live performance, none were able to listen to it on listing.

The’Hybrid Theory: 20th Anniversary Edition’ release also contains 12 previously unreleased tracks in the early noughties, an 80-page novel, a tape replica of a two-track road group sampler, lithographsplus a duplicate excursion , and a poster of the late Chester Bennington, in addition to many demos.

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