Is Brianne Howey Pregnant? Adorable Baby Bump Pic!

brianne howey pregnant

Brianne Howey is an American actress and model who has appeared in numerous television programs and films. She is one of the most gorgeous and brilliant actresses in the United States. Many people believe that Brianne Howey is related to Julia Roberts, however, she is not.

Brianne rose to prominence in the film business after playing in the Fox television shows The Exorcist (2016) and The Passage (2016). (2019). Howey rose to prominence across the nation. Aside from that, Brianne Howey has acted in over seven films and numerous television episodes and short films during her career.

Is Brianne Howey Expecting a Child?

Brianne Howey is indeed pregnant. The Ginny & Georgia actress, 33, announced the news on Instagram on Thursday, accompanied by a photo of herself wearing a long, brown maxi dress that proudly highlighted her expanding baby bulge.

@boss show with my forever new +1 thank you for having us!” Howey exclaimed in the post’s caption. “Enjoyed every second of the new collection #hugoboss.”

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Relationship Between Brianne Howey and Her Husband

brianne howey pregnant

Howey met her husband approximately five to six years prior to their marriage. The pair discussed their initial encounter in an interview with Los Angeles Magazine. Ziering had just passed his bar examinations and intended to celebrate. On the other side, Howey was enjoying her evening with her friends.

They ran into each other in the same pub and caught each other’s attention. They unexpectedly ran into each other three nights in a row at different bars in Los Angeles, as if fate had something in store for them.

Howey acknowledged that their encounter was not “completely coincidental,” but that mutual acquaintances played a role. They soon began dating and fell in love.

Five years later, they intended to marry in October 2020, but the terrible COVID-19 epidemic prevented them from doing so. Although Howey was unable to marry her spouse, the couple reached a significant relationship milestone when they got a puppy named Bodie.

Ultimately, the couple wed on July 24, 2021. People reported on their wedding and captured exclusive images of the couple on their special day.

They exchanged vows in front of 100 guests on the grounds of a family property in Palos Verdes, California. The actress exclaimed, “It was the most wonderful experience to be surrounded by so many of our loved ones. The evening was more enchanting than I could have dreamed.”

She said, “I wish every night could conclude with a Son of a Gun fried chicken sandwich and a Spice Girls dance party.”

Howey walked down the aisle to Bill Withers’ “Beautiful Day.” For the special occasion, the bride chose a modest yet stunning white gown from A LA Robe from Loho.

She complemented her dress with natural makeup and a lovely updo. The groom, clad in a tuxedo of navy blue, was just as magnificent.

As of 2023, the couple is still married and frequently shares their lives on social media with their friends and followers.

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Who Is Matt Ziering?

brianne howey pregnant

Matt Ziering was born on May 8. As Matthew Ernest Ziering. He was raised in Pacific Palisades and currently practices law in California.

He attended Windward School for elementary school before enrolling at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been a member of the California Bar since 2017 and works as a Regulatory Adviser for Casey Co.

While he is not as well-known as the actress, he does not have a significant social media following like his wife. Regardless, Ziering is active on social media and frequently publishes photos of his family.

Based on his social media postings and uploads to Instagram, he obviously adores his parents, Diane and Michael. Likewise, it is apparent that he is close to his siblings, Sam and Natalie. Many people have speculated if he is related to the American actor Ian Ziering because they have the same surname. Yet, they are not connected, and the only thing they have in common is their last names.

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