Brian May is’thankful to be alive’ following health anxieties

Brian May will be”thankful to be living” following a”catalog” of health scares.

Brian May

The legendary Queen guitarist suffered a heart attack along with also a near-fatal allergic response to his drug before this season and admitted he had been lucky to live.

Brian explained:”It was rather awful and the complications which came later were pretty awful.

“It has been a major mountain for up to power again . however, it’s turned into my new faith really.

“I am pleased to be living because three decades back, that would not have occurred. I had three stents within me, which might be functioning just fine and I’m great.”

The 73-year-old rocker disclosed he was abandoned “excruciating pain” if he suffered a gut haemorrhage as a consequence of the allergic response owing to his stents.

He clarified:”That is the stage I almost lost my life actually, if anybody wishes to speak about it touch base with me personally.

“Stents are great for your heart, however, it is not great for your human body… the oddest thing that I had was a gut haemorrhage, I dropped a great deal of blood.

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“I could not get off the ground, I could not move… that the pain was excruciating, so I could not perform the surgery at the moment. The center surgery has been a doddle in comparison to the.”

Brian disclosed that he”was not ruling out” the chance that his heart attack originated as a consequence of getting coronavirus without realising that.

Talking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, he explained:”It is possible as the virus will thicken the blood, so a great deal of individuals get heart attacks or strokes.

“The only issue is that I do not tick any of those boxes to get a heart attack, so I do not drink, I do not smoke. It is only a concept, I do not understand.”

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