Brian Bosworth: How Controversial NFL Player Became Movie Star? Check out His Wealth!

brian bosworth net worth

Famous former American football player Brian Bosworth mostly played the position of linebacker. Due to his excellent football skills, he spent most of his time in the NFL. He was also an ex-football player, an estate agent, and an actress. We then talked about Brian Bosworth’s net worth. He was also a fantastic football player who earned a lot of money and won many games in the NFL.

His career life is therefore quite intriguing because he develops his abilities, makes money, acquires tiles, and also receives money from real estate trading. He has been a successful actor throughout his career and has been in numerous films and TV series. Every movie is now very well-known worldwide.

However, he was a member of an NFL football team, and we discussed his revenue sources and how to manage all kinds of income.

Early Life

brian bosworth net worth

On March 9, 1965, Brian Bosworth was born in Oklahoma City. Foster and Kathy Bosworth are parents to three kids collectively. The older of two sisters, he is. According to his mother, Brian used to act completely in opposition to whatever he was instructed to do as a child. He didn’t seem to have changed much, and his famed personality is still what people remember him for. Brian had gone to MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas. He played football for the University of Oklahoma from 1984 to 1986. He was unanimously selected for the All-American first team in 1985 and 1986.

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Brian Bosworth’s Net Worth

brian bosworth net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Mar 9, 1965 (57 years old)
Place of Birth: Oklahoma City
Gender: Male
Profession: American football player, Actor, Real Estate Broker
Nationality: United States of America

Former professional football player and actor Brian Bosworth has an $8 million fortune. Brian Bosworth, also known as “The Boz,” achieved relative fame despite participating in just two NFL seasons. He was the University of Oklahoma’s top athlete. When he joined the Seattle Seahawks in 1987, he signed the longest rookie contract in NFL history, worth $10 million over 10 years. Sadly, an injury forced him to leave the NFL after just two seasons. Bosworth received $7 million from an NFL insurance policy after leaving the league, which is equivalent to nearly $11.5 million today after accounting for inflation. The $7 million was fully tax-free, which is the best part!

Professional Life

brian bosworth net worth

He played college football for the University of Oklahoma from 1984 to 1986, which marked the start of his professional career. He rose to fame both for his playing ability and for his at the time controversial remarks about the NCAA football association. He eventually lost his job as a consequence of a positive drug test that he claimed to have taken as a result of injuries.

He performed well in school and received his diploma one year early. Additionally, he was given the 2 Butkus award for best linebacker in college. He was chosen in the 1987 indoor soccer draught by the Tacoma Stars, who later prepared him for the Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League. In the 12 games he played as a rookie, his performance was adequate, but he was then more well-known for his outspoken manner and appearance.

He was involved in an accident in 1988 that left him with a seriously damaged shoulder. This resulted at the end of his football career. Later, he started acting, making appearances in movies including “Stone Cold” from 1991, “The Longest Yard,” and the TV show “Lawless.” He began working with the XFL as a TV analyst in 2001. In 2003, he also worked for Turner Sports as a football analyst. He also appeared as a dinner companion in the premiere of Hell’s Kitchen.

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Personal Life

brian bosworth net worth

The marriage with Brian’s high school sweetheart was lucky. He got married in 1993. His wife was Katherine Nicastro. Three children were born to the couple before their divorce in 2006. He wed Morgan Leslie Heuman in 2012, and they are now married. He had two nephews who were UCLA Bruins, football players. They were also undrafted free agents that were signed by the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars. In 2010, Brian started working as a real estate agent for Sotheby’s International Realty in their Malibu, California brokerage office. Bosworth took involved in the 2008 rescue of a woman whose car had rolled in an accident east of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Additionally, he has been known to give CPR to a sick person until an ambulance arrives. It took place in 2009.


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