Brian Austin Green utilizes his children as a’bend’

Courtney Stodden has slammed Brian Austin Green for his kids as a”bend”.

Courtney Stodden

The 26-year-old version — that enjoyed a brief relationship with the former’Beverly Hills, 90210′ celebrity this summer — occurred to social networking to state support for Megan Fox, that dared him for submitting a picture of the Journey, four.

Courtney asserted it had been constantly Megan care of their couple’s three sons, Noah, eight, Bodhi, six along with Journey, if they had been together.

The prior’Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant composed on Instagram:”I am very proud of Megan for talking about how Brian seems to utilize his children as a bend. Throughout my time with himwhen I was at his home, his children were not there. They had been constantly with Megan. She was not an absent mother. And like she says she does not throw them all on her societal.

“You will find instances Brian would inform me he could not see me since he had his children and I afterwards discovered that this was not accurate he was really only seeing different girls at these times.

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“Like, dude — you are permitted to see different folks, simply be fair about it. For me and to them. And do not use your children as your lie”

Courtney asserted it was somewhat”gross” which Brian had employed his kids as”props”.

she added:”How can all of us girls who he would attempt to perform be angry at this loving father? …

“The entire experience was a little gross. Women and children aren’t props. How long before guys realise that?”

Megan — that split with Brian before this season — had accused him of portraying her as a”absent mommy” when he published the snap of Journey.

The 34-year old celebrity wrote:”Exactly why does Journey need to be in this film? It is not tough to harvest them out. Or select photos they aren’t in.

“I had a fantastic Halloween together and yet see how absent they’re out of my social websites. I understand you love your children. However, I really don’t understand why you can not quit using these to position via Instagram.

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“You are so drunk with feeding on the pervading narrative that I am an absent mother, and also you’re the continuing, forever dedicated father of this year. You’ve got them half the moment.”

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