Breonna Taylor to the cover of Oprah Magazine’s September issue

Breonna Taylor to grace cover of Oprah Magazine's September issue

TORONTO — For the first time in 20 years, somebody besides Oprah Winfrey herself will probably grace the cover of this media mogul’s namesake magazine. The September issue of”O, The Oprah Magazine,” will honor Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old emergency medical employee who had been shot by Louisville authorities back in March.

Taylor’s title became a rallying cry for anti-racism protesters looking for justice after authorities executed a search warrant to her flat as part of a narcotics investigation. As stated by the Louisville Courier Journal, officers fired 20 bullets to Taylor’s flat, hitting her multiple occasions.

A later search found no medication within the flat and using lethal force in this scenario was called in to question by taxpayers and lawmakers. Taylor’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Louisville Metro Police Department, as the public continues to demand police responsibility.

“She was like me. She was like you. And like everybody who dies abruptly, she’d plans,” Winfrey said in an Instagram post announcing that the new pay.

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“Picture when three unidentified men burst in your house while you’re sleeping. Along with your spouse fired a gun to guard you. And mayhem. Everything I know for certain: We can not be silent,” she added. “We must use anything megaphone we must shout for justice. And that’s the reason why Breonna Taylor is on the pay of @oprahmagazine. The September issue matches her own life and the life span of another Black girl whose life was taken too soon”

The forthcoming September issue is unique not just because it’s the very first without Winfrey about the cover, but it is also among the very final covers, since the magazine could finish regular print variations in December.

A statement announcing that the movement to a”longer digital-centric” vision to its new was created before this week. Winfrey started the magazine using Hearst in 2000 and proceeds operating now as the provider’s editorial director.

The picture that appears on the September cover of Taylor posing in her Louisville EMS top was produced by self-trained 24-year-old celebrity, Alexis Franklin. “I am quite pleased to play a little role in this long-overdue, world-changing story on racial prejudice and police brutality,” Franklin informed , in reaction to this cover’s compliments.

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The September issue will soon be available for download and purchase August 11.

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