Breonna Taylor Case: Grand Juror claims Jury Never Given Chance To reevaluate Homicide Charges Against Police

A grand jury constructed to consider evidence in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor was not given the opportunity to willful homicide or other charges from the police officers attached for her slaying, an anonymous announcement from among the jurors stated.

The juror, identified only as”Anonymous Grand Juror Number 1″ stated in a statement published by their own lawyer, the only fees they could talk were the”wanton endangerment” fees which were finally drawn against former Louisville police officers Brett Hankerson, who had been terminated in June because of his part in the shooting.

“The grand jury wasn’t presented any fees aside from the three Wanton Endangerment fees against Detective Hankison,” the announcement read. “The grand jury didn’t possess homicide charges explained . The jury heard anything regarding these laws. Self defense or rationale was not explained .

“Questions were asked regarding extra fees along with also the grand jury had been advised that there could be none since the prosecutors did not believe that they might cause them to stick,” the announcement continued. 

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“The jury did not agree that specific activities were warranted, nor failed to determine the indictment ought to be the sole real charges from the Breonna Taylor case”

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The grand juror talked out via their lawyer Kevin Glogower on Tuesday (Oct. 20) later Jefferson County, Ky., Circuit Court Judge Annie O’Connell given a motion letting the grand juror to openly discuss the grand jury proceedings, that are generally kept confidential. The announcement was published by the Glogower Law Office.

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Taylor’s situation has been among the principal catapults of the substantial protests which have gripped the country this past year. Even the 26-year old EMT expired when Hankison, and others Det. Myles Cosgrove along with Sgt. John Mattingly, burst to her Louisville flat onto a”no-knock” merit. 

The authorities actions was be quite a botched drug raid. The defendant police were searching for,” Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover, had been detained on drug prices. When police entered, Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker dismissed photographs, presuming that they were apprehended. Participants returned fire, hitting Taylor five times, killing her.

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Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron a month attracted back grand jury consequences that stated it only made a decision to indict Hankison to get gunshots that entered into a nearby flat, thus the”wanton endangerment” charge.

Cameron clarified that State legislation indicates that the authorities were warranted in this shooting since a shot has been fired at them and they knocked and announced their presence prior to entering Taylor’s apartment. However Walker claimed in a recent interview which neither he, nor Taylor discovered anybody identifying themselves as authorities.

“When they knocked the door and explained that it was, we all can hear them,” explained Walker. “I am a thousand percent sure no one identified themselves”

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Cameron’s office hasn’t reacted to this judge’s decision to permit the grand jurors to talk. He’d argued against letting it, citing violations of oaths of secrecy.

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