Brendan Schaub Controversy Joe Rogan Breaks up ‘you Are Not an Elite Fighter,’ Says Brendan Schaub on The Podcast

brendan schaub controversy

In a live, face-to-face interview, UFC commentator Joe Rogan savagely assaulted heavyweight Brendan Schaub, claiming he was not a high-level fighter and that he was risking major brain damage by continuing his UFC career.

Following his TKO loss to Travis Browne on Saturday at UFC 181, Schaub, a frequent guest on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, didn’t seem to expect the fight after his second consecutive defeat and third knockout loss in little over three years.

Rogan mentioned multiple times that he and Schaub had a strong personal relationship and that his statements were made out of concern for him.

Although the section of Monday’s Joe Rogan Experience is no longer available online, Twitter user @Fight Ghost caught some of Rogan’s greatest lines, which Mookie Alexander of Bloody Elbow collated and organized.

Brendan Schaub describes Joe Rogan’s Spotify feud as “a planned strike.”

Joe Rogan’s new charges of racism, according to Brendan Schaub, are a calculated attack by his critics.

According to Schaub, the UFC analyst shouldn’t use racially inflammatory words on his podcast. He did, however, point out that bringing the topic up now makes it plain that it is a purposeful attempt to smear Rogan’s reputation.

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brendan schaub controversy

Despite the fact that Rogan has previously used the ‘N-word’ on his show, Schaub believes the issue is being brought to light now since he is already being criticized for allegedly sharing false information on COVID-19. He also pointed out that, because it’s Black History Month, bringing up the subject now might worsen the renowned podcaster’s problems.

The former UFC fighter remarked in a video posted to his YouTube account yesterday:

“Right now, it’s been a premeditated attack on Joe, and it’s been boiling up until February when they chose to use the race card.” That thing they say has been around for a long time. Everyone knows about it; that material has been out for a long time; you don’t believe people knew about it when he signed with Spotify?”

‘Big Brown’ went on to say:

“Of course, this is a deliberate attack, and the gradual boil can be seen, and then it’s Black History Month.” What better time to get something going than during Black History Month?”

This Boy’s Youtube video may be seen here.

MMA Stars Express Their Support for Joe Rogan.


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MMA stars like Tim Kennedy and Ben Askren have spoken out in favor of Joe Rogan during the Spotify issue.

Kennedy praised the UFC commentator in a recent tweet and stated that he was opposed to any type of censorship.

“It’s strange that you have to declare your support for a buddy who asks questions and refuses to accept the existing quo. @spotify is the only reason I have it because @joerogan is on it. F*ck #cancelculture, and f*ck every coward that supports #censorship in any form.”

Rogan stated on many occasions that he had a strong personal relationship with Schaub and that his statements were made out of concern for his buddy.

Although that segment of Monday’s Joe Rogan Experience is no longer available online, Twitter user @Fight Ghost caught some of Rogan’s best remarks, which were compiled and organized by Mookie Alexander of Bloody Elbow.

“You’re a clever cookie.” You’ve had your share of concussions. The truth is, I don’t see you defeating elite opponents. Rogan was cited as saying to Schaub, “You have no mobility.” “You are not an exceptional fighter, based on your performances.” I’m aware of what I’m witnessing. “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

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Joe Rogan Has Been Offered $100 Million by Rumble to Leave Spotify

brendan schaub controversy

Rumble, a Canadian online video firm, has granted Joe Rogan a reprieve in the wake of widespread outrage over his podcast and requests from people of all walks of life for it to be removed from Spotify.

To move his program from Spotify to Rumble, he’s been given a $100 million contract. On Twitter, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski stated his support for Rogan. In exchange for exclusive rights to his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, on Rumble, he promised the UFC commentator $100 million over four years.

He also promised Rogan that none of his stuff would be banned.

“Dear Joe, we join you, your guests, and your army of followers in wishing for genuine dialogue. As a result, we’d want to provide you with a hundred million reasons to make the world a better place. How about for 100 million dollars over four years, you bring all of your shows to Rumble, old and new, with no censorship?” Pavlovski was a writer.