Is Famous American Actor Brendan Fraser Divorced? Find Out All You Need To Know

Brendan Fraser was one of the prominent Hollywood stars during the late 90s and early 2000. His incredible acting skills and personality earned him huge movie roles in several ranges of movies such as Encino Man, The Mummy Blast from the past, and Gods and Monsters.

The sky was the starting point of the famous actor but fans were shocked when the actor’s career took a turn for the worst. Things got worst for the actor as he was in a legal battle with his wife after their divorce.

Brendan Fraser Early Life And Career

Brandon Frazier divorce

Brendan got his first movie role in a small movie titled Dogfight in 1991. However, after a year, Brendan got his first leading role in Encino Man where he played defrosted prehistoric caveman who has to adapt to modern-day life.

Following the success of the movie he began earning movie roles in a wide range of movies and television series. Brendan got his first major box office success with Disney’s George Of The Jungle alongside Leslie Mann. George of the Jungle grossed out over $170 million at the box office worldwide.

Fraser 1999 starred in The Mummy, another box-office movie, the movie was such a hit that Frasee and his co-star Rachrk Weis reprised their rules for the following sequels The Mummy Returns and The Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

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What Happened To Brendan Fraser’s Career?

Brandon Frazier divorce

Despite Brendan Fraser’s successful moves roles, his career seemed to go down the drain. The actor could only be seen in box-office flops.  In 2013 Fraser starred in Gimme Shelter which was a hit but after that, he disappeared from Hollywood.

It was after some years that fans would learn the reason behind his unsuccessful run and his break from Hollywood. It turned out that the actor was sexually assaulted by the former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Phillip Berk.

Brandon Frazier divorce

It was reported that when Frazier tried to talk about the incident Philip Berk used his influence to blacklist Fraser from Hollywood. Frazier also had to deal with his health issues which were caused by the stunts he did for some movies like The Mummy and he was also going through a rough divorce.

Frazier explained that everything withered the vine for him and in his mind at least, something has been taken away from him which can not be replaced. Frazier made a comeback to Hollywood in 2018 and was able to book several TV roles.

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Brendan Fraser’s Relationship with Afton Smith And Divorce

Brandon Frazier divorce

Aftom Smith, who was Brendan Fraser’s ex-wife, used to be an actress and has appeared in several movie roles and even George of the Jungle. The couple first meet at a barbecue at Winona Ryder’s house in 1993 and the pair have been married for nine years until 2007 when he announced that they were getting a divorce.

Although Fraser publicly announced their break up they still maintained a close and caring. Friendship. However, things again took an unlikely turn and things became messy later on. after two years of legal dispute, they finally got divorced in 2009.

Brandon Frazier divorce

Smith also accused the actor of hiding that he was set to make $9 million from his movie deals, but Fraser denied her claims and stated that he doesn’t have such big money contracts on the horizon.

The actor has come out years later to reveal that it was one of the hardest times of his life that lead him to lose most of his $45 million net worth.

Who Are Brendan Frazier’s Children?

Brandon Frazier divorce

Brendan Frazier has 3 children from his ex-wife Afton Smith. The former couple shares 20 years old Griffin, 18 years old Holden, and 16 years old Leland.

His children have been living a private life away from the public and when asked about their private life Frazier explained that people often have rough edges towards them and that they need extra love and care.

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