Brazen Ending Explained – Who is the Killer?

Brazen Ending Explained
Brazen Ending Explained

Directed by Monika Mitchel, Brazen is a 2022 drama, mystery movie produced by Netflix. It stars Alyssa Milano in the lead role with Sam Page, Collen Wheeler, Malachi Weir, and Lossen Chambers in the supporting cast. Brazen received somewhat mixed reviews upon its release but it has certainly attracted a variety of niches.

The movie is based on the novel Bronze Virtue by Nora Roberts which was published back in 1988. Obviously, there are some minor differences in the adaptation to suit the modern environment but the overall setting remains the same. Let’s dissect the end of the movie and break down its conclusion in this Brazen ending explained blog.

Brazen Ending Explained
Brazen Ending Explained

Brazen Plot

Grace Miller is a mystery book writer and a famous one at that. During one of her book tours, she receives a phone call from her sister Kathleen who asks her to visit Washington D.C. Upon her request, Grace arrives at the city to meet her sister.

Kathleen tells her that she’s on her way to recovering from her addiction to drugs and is looking forward to reuniting with his son. However, his ex-husband, Jonathan is using his connections to keep her away from meeting her son. She reveals that she has a plan of blackmailing him to retrieve her son.

Before she could execute the plan, she gets murdered one day and unfortunately, Kathleen is out having a talk with neighbor Ed who is a police detective. It turns out that someone had strangled her to death. Grace is obviously devastated by the news and she decides to investigate with Ed.

Her first suspect is Kathleen’s ex-husband Jonathan. But Ed tells her that it isn’t Jonathan since he has a strong alibi. They also discovered that Kathleen lived another life as a cam girl. Ed believes that one of her clients could be involved in the murder of Kathleen. With a lead, the duo begins their investigation.

The Masked Killer

A few days pass after the murder of Kathleen and another cam girl dies at the hand of a masked person. It gets recorded on the camera and he’s seen saying “Desiree” to the cam girl. Desiree was the stage name for Kathleen when she worked as a cam girl.

Because of her impressive skills, Grace beta added to the team of investigators. A few days later, another girl gets attacked but his time she survives. She tells the police that the killer was a teenage boy who was wearing a red watch. Funnily enough, everyone in the class where Kathleen taught wears the same watch. Grace derives an ultimate plan to catch the killer.

Brazen Ending Explained
Brazen Ending Explained

Brazen Ending Explained – Who Was the Killer?

Grace’s plan involves dressing up as Desired and instigating the killer to come to kill her. She dresses up as her sister to perform the act. Meanwhile, the police continue their investigation and they find the killer. It is Jerald and yep that’s it. It wasn’t really much of a mystery, wasn’t it?

The clues were there throughout the movie. When we saw Jerald trying to kill Rand at school because she was “his” it was pretty evident that he was somewhat involved in the whole scheme. Furthermore, Jonathan had no hand in it and it was entirely done by Jerald.

His reason for doing it? Well, he loved his teacher and didn’t want anyone to have her. Also, he didn’t like her performing as a cam girl, hence he killed her. As for killing other cam girls, his reason was simple, to him, they were all Desiree. After police caught the notion of the killer, they went to arrest him at his home, but he wasn’t there.

He was at Grace’s in order to kill her. Grace and Jerald have some back and forth and it’s the former who emerges victorious, thanks to the help of Ed. In the end, the killer gets apprehended and Grace has a happy ending as the duo of her and Ed kiss each other.

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