Brandy and Monica might address previous feud throughout’VERZUZ’ conflict

Brandy and Monica to go head-to-head in upcoming Verzuz battle

Brandy and Monica have been set to headline another version of VERZUZ along with the pair could address their previous feud.

In 1998, Brandy and Monica collaborated about the summertime hit’The Lady Is Mine’. Telling the story of 2 girls vying for the identical guy, the accompanying film showed them arguing actor Mekhi Phifer (8 Mile,” ER, Soul Food).

Following the song was published, the business and press appeared a real-life feud involving the brothers.

“It wasn’t something I would say was anybody’s fault,” Monica told Entertainment Tonight. “We all added into it after some time it turned out real… It will get slightly annoying for both I and she once it becomes,’No, I really like her . I like her .'”

Currently, the set may fight it out to another instalment of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s favorite VERZUZ series.  Monica has triumphed that the pair may explore the fallout throughout the conflict.

“We have long removed ourselves by the dramatics of this we’re gont possess a exact in-depth conversation which may potentially be shared with the crowd since there’s a whole lot that happens, the fans don’t have any idea what actually happened, what actually caused the first rust,” she disclosed.

Asked if they’ll do’The Lady Is Mine’ throughout their VERZUZ, Monica stated it is still being determined.

“I will find out what [Brandy] needs to perform when she eventually reaches Atlanta,” Monica clarified. “We will sit down and determine which way we wish to go and we would like to get it done.”

No matter , the singer claims,”We will be certain it’s still enjoyable and everyone is still using a great time since we need people to become at home ”

She reasoned:”I only anticipate what Monday is. It is going to be a party.”

Brandy and Monica’s VERZUZ occurs on September 1 in 1am BST on Instagram along with Apple Music.

Before this month ), Monica predicted on Kim Kardashian to assist free rapper C-Murder, who had been detained in 2009 following a contentious murder conviction.

Monica, that had been dating the rapper in the time of his sentencing,” clarified that she originally contacted Kardashian — that completed her first year of law school at the beginning of 2020 — in the expectation of procuring her intervention in the instance.

Meanwhile, at a three-star overview of Brandy’s new record’B7′,” NME explained:”It could have taken nearly a long time to get there, however, Brandy’s new album was worth the wait — not merely due to its ear-candy attributes, but also since it’s helped among R&B’s most admired talents locate her grin.”

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