Boys Over Flowers Season 2: Confirmed Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know in 2022!

boys over flowers season 2

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 ( Next Season) is a Japanese drama series that started airing in 2018 and stars Hana Sugisaki, Sho Hirano, and Taishi Nakagawa. It’s based on the second season of the sheen manga Boys Over Flowers, which was written and drawn by Yoko Kamio. The show aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System every Tuesday at 22:00 from April 17 to June 26, 2018.

The story takes place ten years after the first F4 graduated from high school. Since they left, the school has been getting worse and worse. Haruto Kaguragi and his four friends form Correct 5 (5) at their high school. Their goal is to find students who don’t pay their school fees and kick them out.

Haruto Kaguragi is the boy at Eitoku Academy who has the most friends. But he buys self-help items online in secret to get stronger. Oto Edogawa is a female student at Eitoku who pretends to be rich to fit in, but she is actually poor. She works part-time at a convenience store. One night, she sees Haruto Kaguragi come in to get the things he bought. Both of them are surprised to see the other. They talk to each other the next day and agree to keep each other’s secrets.

Like in the first show, Kaguragi falls for Edogawa after she puts him in his place at a party. It’s too bad for Kaguragi, though, because Edogawa is engaged to Hase Tenma, the student body president at Momonozono, which is a rival school to Eitoku.

When Will the Second Season of Boys Over Flowers Come Out?

boys over flowers season 2

The first season of “Boys Over Flowers” began on KBS on January 5, 2009. It ran for 25 episodes, and the last one aired on March 31, 2009. It first aired in the US on KBS America, and all of the episodes are now available on Netflix for people around the world to watch.

After it came out in South Korea, “Boys Over Flowers” had a huge number of viewers, which caused a wave of “k-dramas” all over Asia. Not only did the actors become stars overnight, but the show also became a cultural phenomenon because South Korean men wanted to dress like the “pretty boys” they saw on the show. It got so much attention around the world that it was broadcast in several countries.

But despite all the praise, even after almost a decade, the creators of this popular Korean romance drama have not come up with any concrete news about a renewal. There were also no more comics based on the Japanese manga that the show was based on. Now, if they do and the makers want to keep the story in the same time period, they might have to look for new faces. If a sequel is thought of, it will have to either jump forward or backward in time. No matter what happens, if we hear anything new about when the second season of “Boys Over Flowers” will be out, we will add it here.

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Who Plays Who in Boys Over Flowers?

Ku Hye-sun plays Geum in “Boys Over Flowers.” Jan-di. Jan-di is a smart girl whose family is about average. She is the daughter of a dry cleaner, and she gets a scholarship to go to the very good Shinhwa High School. She is determined, a little bit stubborn, and very kind. She won’t stand for bullying or any kind of atrocity. One of these times, she starts to compete with Jun-Pyo. But the second soon tells her how he feels about her.

Lee Min-ho is Gu Jun-Pyo, who is the leader of F4 and the heir to the Shinhwa Group. Shinhwa is one of the most successful companies in Korea, and Jun-pyo thinks that money is everything because he was born into a wealthy family. But he has a soft heart even though he seems to have a short fuse. He starts to care about Jan-di and won’t let anyone hurt her.

Kim Hyun-Joong plays Yoon Ji-Hu, a member of F4 and the grandson of Korea’s first president. Ji-Hu is the only person left alive after a car accident that killed his parents. Since then, he is afraid to get behind the wheel. He is shy and in love with Seo-hyun, a friend from childhood. But when Jan-di notices how good he is at music and how nice he is, she starts to like him.

Kim Bum plays So Yi-Jung, who is also a member of F4 and a potter. Yi-family Jung’s owns the biggest art museum in Korea. After a breakup, he has become a “casanova,” but he starts to fall for Ga-Eul, who is Jan-best di’s friend. Kim Joon is Song Woo-bin, a member of F4 and the son of a powerful clan. He runs Korea’s biggest construction company, which has strong ties to organized crime.

Song Woo-bin is played by Kim Joon. Woo-family bins own and run the biggest construction business in the country. This business has strong ties to organized crime. But he likes to win over everyone with his great business sense and charm.

Production Problems

boys over flowers season 2

In an interview with Asia in 2009, the planning director for Boys Over Flowers, Bae Jong-Byung, talked about the problems with the show. He said that money was always a problem and that he had to put a lot of product placement in the show to make sure it could stay on the air.

“Each episode costs about 280 million won to make, and we were usually given about 150 million won per episode,” Bae Jong-byung said. “KBS gave us less than 1.5 billion won of the 6.5 billion won it cost to make the show. So, we needed investment and product placement from outside the country.”

Bae Jong-Byung also talked about how he wishes he could go back and improve the show’s video quality. “I don’t like the quality. “The producer and writer didn’t have enough time to work out the details,” he said. “It would have also been helpful to improve the picture and presentation. The most important things were always time and money.”

Time and Disaster

Then there was the sad case of Jang Ja Yeon, a cast member who killed herself. Koreaboo said that the actress killed herself in March 2009, while Boys Over Flowers was still airing. Jang Ja Yeon left a suicide note and papers that said she was forced to have sexual relations with more than thirty businessmen and executives against her will. Just before the end of the first season, her death left a dark mark on the show.

Boys Over Flowers doesn’t look like it will get a second season any time soon. The showrunners and producers haven’t talked about bringing it back, and all of the actors are busy with their own projects. Also, there is the question of time. It’s been 10 years since the show aired, and since it was mostly about teenagers and high school, it seems like the actors would be too old to play the roles that made them famous.

Fans of the show will be able to watch F4 elsewhere, which is good news. Thailand will make its own version of Boys Over Flowers. It will be called F4 Thailand, and it will have many of the same plots. The first episode of F4 Thailand will air in 2021.

What Happens in Boys Over Flowers?

boys over flowers season 2

In “Boys Over Flowers,” we meet Jun-Pyo, the rich and cocky leader of the bad-boy gang F4, which runs Shinhwa High School. He is always with Yoon Ji-Hu, So Yi-Jung, and Song Woo-bin, his three rich friends and crew members. F4 bullies a boy to the point where he is about to kill himself. Geum Jan-di, who is poor but full of life, saves his life and gets a swimming scholarship to go to High School.

Geum Jan-family di has a dry cleaning business, and she lives in a small house with her parents, Geum Il-bong and Na Gong-Joo, and her younger brother, Geum Kang-san. As soon as she gets to school, she starts to dislike the mean boys in F4. This makes Jun-pyo pick her out, but Jan-di, who is strong-willed, is not afraid to stand up to him. Jun-Pyo falls in love with her, which was a surprise. On the other hand, Jan-di starts to think about Yoon Ji-Hu in a romantic way. But she slowly finds out that he loves his old friend and model Min Seo-hyun, who he has known since they were kids.

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Trailer for Boys Over Flowers:

The official trailer for the first season of “Boys Over Flowers” is shown below. If you haven’t seen this popular Korean drama yet, you can watch all of its episodes on Netflix.