Boxed Cake Mix Hacks: Hack a Box Cake Mix to Taste Like It Came from A Fancy Bakery

boxed cake mix hacks

How to make boxed cake mix better! With this simple trick, you can transform any boxed cake mix, including red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, and yellow. more fun addition suggestions.

How Correct This Recipe Is

  • Bring the flavour of a bakery cake to a boxed mix! Cake or cupcakes?
  • Boxed cake mix may be used for any flavour and improved!
  • You name it: carrot cake, strawberry, spiced, white, chocolate, yellow, and red velvet!
  • Simple time-saving tip!

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Treated Cake Mix

Are there any more ways to transform boxed cake mix into a bakery-quality cake? I’ve tested recipes for a variety of cakes, including chocolate, carrot, red velvet, strawberry, white, and yellow cakes.

You can use my basic recipe for boxed cake mix recipes, but depending on the sort of cake you are creating, you can add so many other things to improve the boxed cake mix. For instance:

Chocolate: To make a chocolate espresso cake, replace the water with coffee and add chocolate chips!

For a boxed carrot cake, include coconut and finely chopped carrot.

White chocolate chips and a splash of cocoa powder can be added to red velvet.

Strawberry: Include strawberry cubes.

Yellow or white: Include nuts or confetti sprinkles! To your frosting, you can also add lemon or orange zest.

Other suggestions include jam, soda, chopped almonds, and almond or vanilla extract. Additionally, sour cream, mayonnaise, or pudding mix might give your meal a new complexity.

You can also try Betty Crocker Mug Treats if you’re seeking a quick cake mix option when you want a sweet treat.

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Can You Use Almond Milk or Other Substitute Milk to Make?

Yes. Almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, whole milk, 2 per cent milk, 1 per cent milk, fat-free milk, half and half, or heavy cream can all be used in boxed cake mix recipes.

Cupcake Frosting Recipes

For your cupcakes, are you looking for some incredible icing recipes? If you don’t have much time, you can always use Pillsbury or Betty Crocker recipes. However, if you’re searching for some incredible homemade frosting, check out:

The Self Proclaimed Foodie’s Brown Butter Frosting is fantastic! Additionally, Krissy makes an incredible Mascarpone Frosting that tastes fantastic on cupcakes (or anything!!!).

In need of a vegan recipe? Check out Nora Cooks’ Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting.

You will adore Belle of the Kitchen’s Best Vanilla Buttercream Icing for a simple vanilla buttercream frosting!

Useful Materials for Making This Recipe

The BEST cupcake pan is this Wilton model. Period.

My favourite cupcake liners are these rainbow ones. I am a member of the LGBTQ community and I adore the lovely rainbow that symbolises that.

Cake Pan: If you’re baking a cake rather than cupcakes, this cake pan is a terrific choice.

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Do You Have Any Other No-Bake Desserts to Recommend?

Yes! You’ll adore my cake pops, carrot cake-flavoured Oreo truffles, and rum balls (Coconut). All of these desserts are excellent options because they are very simple to prepare, require no baking, and can be transported. I have taken them to barbecues, graduations, and family gatherings. You tell me! Dessert first, travel afterwards!

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