‘Both of these were bad to Black folks’

'Both of them have been evil to Black people'

Ice Cube believes both US presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Bidenare”wicked”.

Ice Cube

Back in November, US taxpayers will visit the polls to vote for their third president, together with both big contenders being president and Republican nominee Donald Trump, and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

And even actors are coming out with the preferred candidate to motivate individuals to voterapper Ice Cube has insisted that he is not backing nominee, because he believes they’ve been”bad to Black folks”.

He explained:”Can I think Donald Trump and also do I think these politicians and things they are gont perform? Hell no. For me, they are the exact people, either side of the identical coin. One of these is simply a bit more polished than another. However, they are both white guys out of the 50’s. Both of these have in some instances been wicked to Black folks. We can not be searching for a lesser evil, they are all bad.”

Through the summer, the 51-year old celebrity – whose actual name is O’Shea Jackson – published that the Contract With Black America, a plan which intends to fight racial economic inequality and racism.

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And he would like for the Democrats to embrace his strategy, he has not ruled out speaking to Republicans concerning the subject.

He added:”After I set out this I had been expecting that the Democrats will be around me. I have been a Democrat my entire life. However, in doing exactly the Contract With Black America that which I heard is by simply locking into a single celebration, and if this party does not come , then nothing is going to come .”

Ice Cube insisted there is”nothing wrong with speaking to electricity” regardless of who is in control, and he will”speak to each damn president” till his strategy goes through.

Talking to -103’s’The Morning Partner’he explained:”Ain’t nothing wrong with speaking to electricity.

“Every man I understand attempting to have something has talked about electricity so that is nothing, that is part of this. I hope to speak with each damn president before we receive this deal done. I am not enjoying the game of’I am on this group and they are on this group ‘ I really don’t believe we could manage to do this. We can not manage to be on nobody else’s team. We must be about the Dark group and what’s doing the most that is the way we roll”

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