Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Boruto is an ongoing anime series based on the manga of the same name. It is a sequel to the highly popular Naruto series and focuses on Boruto, the son of Naruto. The story of Boruto takes place after the events of the 4th Ninja War when Naruto becomes Hokage.

Right now, the anime is at the end of the best arc of the series so far. Naruto and Sasuke are facing off against the threat of Isshiki. They will have to make some sacrifices to overpower the overwhelming enemy in front of them. Will they be able to do it? Let’s find out as we discuss Boruto episode 218 spoilers, release date, and time.

Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Boruto Episode 217 Recap

In Boruto episode 217 recap, Naruto’s body surfaces with a huge amount of chakra. This amount even surprises-both Sasuke and Isshiki who are engaged in a fight. With the new mode, Naruto decides to take things into his hands.

Baryon Mode

Naruto asks Sasuke to take Boruto in his care while he deals with the enemy. Kuruma puts some more light on Baryon Mode and reveals its mechanics. Baryon Mode consumes users’ life force so Naruto needs to be pretty cautious while using it.

Isshiki once again tries to use his cubes on Naruto, however, his attempts fail this time as Hokage easily overpowers him. His strength has now become equal to the Otsutski as he’s able to even stop the enlarged rods thrown at him.

Ishhiki’s Realization

Even though Naruto can keep up with Isshiki, he starts to feel the drawback of Baryon Mode. His chakra starts getting weak. Isshiki realizes this setback in Naruto’s power and tries to exploit it. Meanwhile, at Konoha, Amado is impressed by Kawaki’s prosthetic arm.

With Naruto’s chakra weakening, its effect starts to reflect on Kawaki’s prosthetic arm as well. Even in the weakened state, Naruto still manages to overpower Isshiki and makes him cough blood. When Isshiki grabs Naruto’s arm, he realizes its connection to Kawaki.

Kawaki’s Connection

After finding out the connection between prosthetic arms, Isshiki immediately summons Kawaki to the battle place. However, Sasuke manages to hide him using the smoke bombs. Isshiki gets flustered and as a last resort, starts throwing his shrunken rods.

Some of them manage to engulf Naruto as he’s held hostage by Otsutski. Isshiki counts down and orders Kawaki to come out as he will kill Naruto otherwise. Kawaki thinks about all the good things that happened to him in the village and comes out to face Isshiki.

Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Boruto Episode 218 Spoilers

For Boruto episode 218, Kawaki will face off against Isshiki. He still has some bitter memories from the past, hence he will try to take his revenge. Isshiki too is in immediate need so he would want to finish off Kawaki quickly.

Kawaki vs Isshiki

We don’t know if Naruto will be able to use Baryon Mode anytime soon. He has already depleted a lot of his life force. So it’s up to Kawaki and Sasuke to deal with Isshiki for the moment. Furthermore, they also have to protect Boruto.

Odds are stacked against Isshiki but he’s an overwhelming force. Knowing him, he will certainly find some solution. Also, Naruto will need to find another method of defeating Isshiki as he probably won’t be able to utilize Baryon Mode anymore.

Boruto Episode 218 Watch Online

To watch Boruto episode 218 online, you’ll need to subscribe to either Crunchyroll or Funimation platform. Both of these sites provide episodes in English subs.

Boruto Episode 218 Release Date and Time

Here is Boruto episode 218 release date and time.

  • Japan – 5:30 PM, October 3rd
  • USA/Canada – 5:00 AM, October 3rd
  • India – 2:30 PM, October 3rd
  • UK – 10:00 AM, October 3rd
  • CES (Europe) – 11:00 AM, October 3rd

Can Kawaki defeat Isshiki? Share your thoughts with us down below. For more Boruto updates, make sure to follow us on our social media handles.

Boruto Episode 218 Preview
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