Boruto Episode 207 Spoilers, Recap, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Boruto Episode 207 Spoilers, Recap, Preview, Release Date, and Time
Boruto Episode 207 Spoilers, Recap, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Based on the manga series of the same name, Boruto is an ongoing anime series with currently more than 200 episodes already aired. Boruto episode 207 spoilers will continue the ongoing saga and provide us with action-packed episodes.

Boruto’s plot revolves around Boruto Uzumaki who is the son of Naruto Uzumaki, the 7th Hokage. Initially, Boruto holds a grudge against his father for not spending much time with him. However, as time progresses, he comes to understand a lot of things. Let’s take a look at Boruto episode 207 spoilers, release date, and time.

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Boruto Episode 207 Spoilers, Recap, Preview, Release Date, and Time

Boruto Episode 206 Recap

In Boruto episode 206 recap, Kawaki, Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki enter the portal created by Kawaki. They get transported to the dimension where Naruto is sealed. Upon reaching, they get confronted by Boro.

Fight with Boro

Kawaki informs them about Boro and his powers. They ask for the location of Naruto. To their question, Boro tells them he is sealed by Jigen. He throws the capsule at them and tells them to try to open it. The acid starts leaking out of it but Kawaki and Boruto absorb it using their karma.

Their match-up begins with Boruto and Kawaki taking the lead. However, Boro uses black mist which completely subdues the duo. Mitsuki tries to fight off Boro but he too faces defeat. Seeing the situation, Sarada arrives and takes them back for retreat. In Boruto episode 207 spoilers, the fight will continue.

Fight With Boro

Second Attempt

After discussion, Mitsuki deduces that black mist is a virus. Since Mitsuki has absorbed some of it, they can create an antidote. Sarada gets appointed as the leader of the group. Now everyone will have to obey her orders. In the second attempt, Sarada goes alone to fight Boro. She uses various attacks in her arsenal while keeping the distance with black mist.

Even after trying several attacks, Boro isn’t harmed. Finally, she deceives Boro into thinking she has lost but uses Fire Jutsu which burns his face. Boruto and Kawaki arrive and decapacitate Boro. Just when they think they’ve defeated the enemy, Boro’s body starts regenerating.

Boruto Episode 207 Spoilers

In Boruto episode 207 spoilers, Boro is surprised to find they’ve created an antidote to the virus. Mitsuki explains he had drawn some of Boro’s blood while they were fighting. Kawaki heads straight to the seal as Boro intercepts him.


Boro throws Shuriken at Kawaki and when he intercepts them, they explode. Kawaki somehow protects the seal from the attack. Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kawaki simultaneously attack Boro using their jutsus. They succeed in exploding Boro into pieces many times. However, each time they do that, Boro regenerates.

They suspect if this keeps happening they will run out of chakra. And that’s what Boro’s aim is. Kawaki reveals to Sarada that each member of Kara has a core installed within their body. If they can destroy it, Boro will die. Now it’s up to Sarada to deal with Boro. We will probably see the extent of her ability in Boruto episode 207 spoilers.



Three keep on attacking Boro but it’s almost useless. Boro keeps on retrieving the parts of his body. Sarada tries to locate the location of the core within Boro’s body. Since they had already destroyed the upper portion of his body, the core can’t be there.

After some deduction, Sarada finds the location of the core. It’s on the right flank but she needs some jutsu that doesn’t need any signs. Sarada decides to use Chidori which she hasn’t mastered yet and pierces Boro’s right flank with it.

Boruto Episode 207 Watch Online

Boruto Episode 207 watch online on Crunchyroll and Funimation. You need to subscribe to their services to stream the episode.

Boruto Episode 207 Release Date and Time

Here is Boruto episode 207 release date and time.

  • Japan – 5:30 PM, July 11th
  • USA/Canada – 5:00 AM, July 11th
  • India – 2:30 PM, July 11th
  • UK – 10:00 AM, July 11th
  • CES (Europe) – 11:00 AM, July 11th

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Boruto Episode 207 Preview

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