Boruto Episode 200 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Boruto Episode 200 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch
Boruto Episode 200 Release Date, Time, Where to Watch

Delta’s chapter is over, and now Konoha moves on to the next significant threat. Even though Naruto wanted to persevere her for interrogation, her body self destructed. He understands that they shouldn’t take Kara lightly, and with the strength Delta displayed, Konoha will have difficulty dealing with the organization.

Over at Kara, things are stirring up. Amado reports to Jigen about Delta and Koji’s failure to retrieve Kawaki. Jigen will probably make his move in Boruto Episode 200.

Boruto has finally hit the milestone of 200 episodes, and there’s more to come. Based on the manga series of the same name, it follows the son of Naruto, Boruto. While some fans initially didn’t like the antics of Boruto, they’ve come to appreciate his character recently. The protagonist and his ventures will continue as fans eagerly await the next release.

Boruto Episode 200 Release Date

Boruto Episode 200 Release Date

Titled “Becoming A Student”, Boruto Episode 200 release date is scheduled for 23rd May 2021. Directed by Yūsuke Onoda, it will feature the opening “Baku” by Ikimonogakari and the ending “Kimi ga Ita Shirushi” by halca. Here are the release times for upcoming episodes.

  • Japan – 5:30 PM, May 23rd
  • USA/Canada – 5:00 AM, May 23rd
  • India – 2:30 PM, May 23rd
  • UK – 10:00 AM, May 23rd
  • CES (Europe) – 11:00 AM, May 23rd

Where to Watch Boruto Episode 200?

Boruto is available to stream in English subs on online streaming platforms Crunchyroll and Funimation. Note that you need a subscription to these services to stream.

What are Spoilers for Boruto Episode 200

The next episode of Boruto will adapt chapter 34 from Boruto. Here are vital spoilers from it.

Kawaki’s New Arm

After Kawaki’s arm destroyed, Naruto asked a doctor to replace it with a prosthesis. However, he says only Amado is capable of replacing it. Naruto suggests that he use one of his prosthetic arms but it requires Chakra, and Kawaki doesn’t have it. Naruto imbues his Chakra into a prosthetic arm and lets Kawaki use it.

Kawaki’s New Arm

Kawaki requests Naruto to train him in Chakra. Naruto agrees and asks him to become his student. They both train as Kawaki starts regaining control over his arm.

Meeting in Kara

Delta returns to headquarters, and Amado takes care of her body. Jigen, Code, Boro, Amado and Delta gather in one place. Delta once again wants to fight Naruto. However, he says only Code and Boro are capable of defeating him. Delta tells him that Momoshiki’s Chakra resides within the body of Boruto.

Quick Recap of Boruto Episode 199

The fight between Naruto and Delta finally concluded, and it was Delta who bites the dust. Meanwhile, Kara is planning to raid Konoha. Here is a quick recap from the previous release of Boruto.

Naruto vs Delta

Delta vs Naruto

After hurting Kamawari, an enraged Naruto rushes towards Delta to decapitate her. Naruto starts building up his Rasengan; however, Delta isn’t worried. She can store the Chakra. But, this doesn’t stop Naruto, and he keeps on increasing the size of Rasengan.

Boruto realizes his dad must’ve found some method to counter her power. Her storing limit caps and her eyes end up exploding. The match concludes, and Naruto wins.

Kara’s Movements

We see some of the activities in the camp of Kara. Firstly, Boro and his group arrive at a particular village suffering from a plague. He is there to save people.

In other locations, Code requests for maintenance of Boro by order of Amado. Jigen has regained his health, and his treatment is complete. Amado notifies him about the situation of Delta and Koji.

Who will come next to Konoha for Kawaki’s retrieval? Is it going to be Code or Boro? Let us know what you think down below. We are also on social media, where we post constant updates on other anime. Make sure to follow us.

Boruto Episode 200 Preview English Sub
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