Boruto: How Strong is Code? Code’s True Powers Revealed!

Boruto: How Strong is Code? Code's True Power Revealed!
Boruto: How Strong is Code? Code's True Power Revealed!

After his master’s demise, Code is on the path to fulfilling the goals of Isshiki, the former leader of Kara Organization. The injection of Code into the story has suddenly created a lot of questions for the heroes of Konoha. Even though its leader is dead, as long as Code breathes, Naruto and co can’t ignore Kara.

The strength of the Code can never be underestimated. Especially right now we don’t exactly know what he is plotting. The last thing he mentioned was avenging his master. The latest chapter revealed that he has started taking action to carry out his revenge.

But is he strong enough to put the entirety of Konoha in a dangerous position? To find out read below as we discuss the hidden powers of Code and how big of a threat he is to the Hidden Leaf Village in Boruto Naruto Next Generations.

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Who Is Code?

Code was one of the fifteen people who got brought into Kara organization to become a vessel for Isshiki. He failed to become a vessel but he wasn’t disposed of by the organization. Because of his loyalty, they allowed him to serve as an inner to Kara.

Right now code is only confirmed inner left in the organization. His leader is dead and he has decided to carry out the commands given by Isshiki.

Who Is Code?
Who Is Code from Boruto series?

Why is He Insanely Strong?

Ever wonder, what is the secret to Code’s hidden power? What’s his role in Boruto series?

When experiments on Code were carried out, he became even stronger than Jigen in terms of combat. Possessing such an ability and even surpassing Jigen in it is a big feat.

Code's hidden power
Code’s hidden power

However, one thing that further strengthens his strength is his unwavering loyalty to Isshiki. Code can go to any limits to fulfill the wishes of his master which is certainly a daunting thought for his opponents.

Code’s Abilities

As mentioned earlier, his combat prowess excels even to that of Jigen. Now when you go back to the instance when Jigen fought against Naruto and Sasuke, you would realize how insanely strong Jigen is. To be better at combat than Jigen is certainly a factor that we can’t overlook.

Apart from his combat, Code is also capable of modifying his body parts. Over the chapters, we’ve seen him employ this ability of his in various circumstances. He can create bands or even deploy his body parts to attack the enemies. He is quite versatile when it comes to putting the parts of the body into combat-specific applications.

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Code’s Strength Compared to Isshiki

Now for the biggest question, is Code stronger than Isshiki? Well, the immediate answer is no. Isshiki is arguably the strongest person in the universe of Naruto. So it’s quite difficult to compare him against someone like that.

Code’s Strength Compared to Isshiki
Code and Isshiki

However, Code was the right hand to this man. There’s certainly a huge possibility that Code may catch up with Isshiki in the future. With his potential and training, Code is very well capable of becoming the strongest person and biggest threat to Konoha.

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Final thoughts

What do you think? Is Code capable of surpassing Isshiki? How will he improve his prowess? What awaits Konoha in the upcoming saga?

Leave your thoughts down and let us know what you think. Also, make sure to follow our social media accounts to get the latest updates related to Boruto. 

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