Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Reddit, Read Online, Release Date & Time

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Reddit
Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Reddit

Boruto is a manga series that is a direct sequel to Naruto. It is set in the aftermath of the clash of Shinobis against Kaguya. Boruto sees Naruto live the life of the 7th Hokage while his son Boruto is the protagonist of the story.

Boruto is a troubled child, excessively frustrated with his father because he doesn’t spend much time with him. However, he as grows, he comes to learn various things and becomes a better person. The next chapter of the manga is just around the corner. Let’s take a look at Boruto chapter 49 spoilers Reddit, release date, and time.

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Reddit, Read Online, Release Date and Time

Boruto Chapter 58 Recap

In Boruto chapter 58, Naruto asks Boruto to take the meds which will suppress the effects of Ohtsutsuki. However, they won’t repel the already developed effects. The pills also don’t have any reliability as they aren’t aware of their side effects. Boruto without a single thought takes the pills.


Boruto informs Kawanki about the meds. The latter doesn’t like the idea since he wanted Boruto to implant his Karma in Code’s body. Both of them along with Mitsuki and Sarada gather for training. Kawaki again implies they’re no match for Code and doesn’t like their current method of training.

Kawaki thinks this method of training will take them years to compete against Code. Mitsuki asks for other alternatives and Kawaki certainly has them. He attacks Mitsuki and implies they train with actual combat.

Boruto vs Kawaki

Boruto vs Kawaki

Sarada tries to approach Kawaki but the latter attack her using Shadow Clone. Boruto intercepts and stops him. He challenges Kawaki to a fight. The winner will get to decide which method to use for training. They begin with punching each other. Boruto attacks using Shadow Doppelganger followed by Rasengan. However, Kawaki repels the attack.

Now Kawaki throws a chakra bomb but Boruto absorbs it via Karma. Boruto finally defeats Kawaki using Thunderclap Arrow. Kawaki realizes he’s still not strong enough to protect 7th Hokage. They resume the training with Kawaki claiming he’ll become stronger.

Boruto Chapter 59 Spoilers Reddit

For Boruto chapter 59 spoilers Reddit, there’s no information available yet. Usually, we get leaks 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter. Since there’s time for spoilers to come out, let’s discuss the most looming questions about Boruto 59 spoilers.

Medication of Boruto

Naruto asked Boruto to take the medication which can reduce the effects of Ohtsutsuki. However, we are still unsure of its side effects. So far, Boruto hasn’t shown any bad signs but since the plot has implied it, there’s certainly something we will see in the future.

The pills may suppress further development of Ohtsutsuki but it may take away something from Boruto. We will likely find out more about it in the upcoming chapter.

When is Code Attacking?

When is Code Attacking?

We didn’t get to see anything from Code in the last chapter. Previously he was seen interacting with Eida. They’ve allied and will likely attack Konoha. Code’s target is Hokage, Sasuke, Naruto, and Kawaki meanwhile Eida wants to kill Amado.

We can’t predict when he’ll make his move. It may very well be in the next chapter. If he can catch Shinobis of Konoha off guard, it will be a huge advantage to him. However, he may want to amass some people on his side first.

Boruto Chapter 59 Leak

Boruto Chapter 59 leak is not available at the moment. You can expect raw scans to release in a few days.

Boruto Chapter 59 Release Date and Time

Here is Boruto chapter 59 release date and time.

Japan – 01:00 AM, June 21st
India – 9:30 PM, June 20th
USA/Canada – 10:00 AM, June 20th
UK – 4:00 PM, June 20th
CES (Europe) – 5:00 PM, June 20th

When will Code attack Konoha? Can Boruto defeat him? Let us know down in the comments. For more Boruto updates, don’t forget to follow us on social media.

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