Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date, Time, Where to Read
Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

Ishhiki’s chapter is over, but not the worries of Konoha village. His death has given birth to another monster in the form of Code. Konoha knows very well he will come for revenge, and they are preparing for him.

Meanwhile, a new character from Kara Organization went out of slumber. Eida will be joining Code in his exploits of cultivating divine tree and killing Hokage and Amado. Eida has terrifying powers, and it seems like she will come into contact with Kawaki and Boruto pretty soon. Boruto Chapter 58 will possibly start the beginning of the next arc as Eida and Kawaki prepare to storm Konoha.

Boruto is a manga series that is the sequel to the widely popular Naruto series. Debuted in 2016, Ukyō Kodachi wrote the story from volume 1-13; from volume 14 onwards, Masashi Kishimoto has taken storyboarding. Mikio Ikemoto is providing illustrations, and right now, manga is being published in V Jump magazine of Jump Comics.

Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date, Time, Where to Read
Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date, Time, Where to Read

Boruto Chapter 58 Release Date

The official Boruto Chapter 58 Release date is May 20th, 2021. It will get its publication in Jump Comic’s V-Jump, which is a monthly manga. Note that Boruto manga has shifted from weekly to monthly schedule that’s why we don’t get many breaks for the release. Here are the release timings for the upcoming chapter of Boruto.

  • Japan – 01:00 AM, May 21st
  • India – 9:30 PM, May 20th
  • USA/Canada – 10:00 AM, May 20th
  • UK – 4:00 PM, May 20th
  • CES (Europe) – 5:00 PM, May 20th

Where to Read Boruto Chapter 58?

You can read Boruto chapter 58 on Viz by Jump Comics and Mangaplus. Furthermore, other unofficial scanlators provide the chapter, but we don’t recommend them.

What are Spoilers for Boruto Chapter 58?

The raw scans for the next chapter aren’t available yet, but from WSJ’s advertisement, we got a clue on what to expect. While we don’t know the exact spoilers, we can speculate what events can next chapter bring forth. We discuss them down below.

Attack on Konoha

From previous interaction between Eida and Code, it looks like they will be attacking the Konoha next. Naruto and co are preparing to handle them, but Code believes that his strength is sufficient to deal with Hokage and others. Chapter 58 will probably give us an answer to this question and display the power that Code harbours.

Boruto’s Exit

Boruto’s Exit?

Other Kage’s have shown their worries regarding Boruto. When Gara asked Naruto if he will even kill his son if the situation comes, he said he would take care in his way. Momo resides in Boruto and everyone is concerned about the inevitable.

If somehow he’s able to possess Boruto’s body, it will be a nightmare for Konoha. The next chapter will hopefully give us more update on this subject.

Quick Recap of Boruto Chapter 57 

In the last chapter, we got introduced to a new character and found some essential information. Here is a quick recap from the previous chapter of Boruto.


Code destroyed the capsule to bring Eida out of her sleep. He still has an undecided opinion about her life, but once he finds out she isn’t going to obey him, he decides to kill her. However, much to his surprise, there is something that prevents him from lifting his hands on her.

Eida’s power allows her to capture the heart of any person who sets sight on her. However, there is an exception. If a person is, blood relative and Otsutsuki, she can’t use her powers.


Eida’s Lover

Eida says she wants to approach Kawaki since he has some part of Otsutsuki. Code tells her about another potential candidate, Boruto, but she denies any interest. She says her goal is to kill Amado for robbing her off of true love. Both have a toast as they prepare to advance to the next step of their plan.

What kind of calamity will these two individuals bring in the Konoha village? Can Naruto and co successfully contain them? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments. Follow us on our social media for more updates on Boruto.

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