Boosie claims His Interview W/ Mike Tyson Was’Unusual’ + Boxer’s Daughter’Walked Out’ They’Do Not See Eye To Eye’

Boosie claims His Interview W/ Mike Tyson Was’Unusual’ + Boxer’s Daughter’Walked Out’ They’Did Not See Eye To Eye’

Boosie has plenty to say about his current sit with Mike Tyson which moved viral.

During a recent meeting of his tradition,”Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson,” Mike Tyson faced Boosie within a number of his contentious statements he made concerning the transgender community, along with Dwyane Wade’s 13-year old transgender kid Zaya.

Throughout the podcast taping, Mike Tyson requested Boosie,

“Why would you say things about individuals who may be homosexual? Why is it that you mention that about these?”

Tyson also questioned if there is an opportunity Boosie was gay himself, causing him to mention other people.

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“Can you believe there is a risk that you are a gay and by disrespecting them furthers yourself out of being a homosexual? I am thinking you will like homosexuals.”

Boosie denied he was gay, and both appeared to terminate the meeting on great terms.

Following the dialogue aired, Tyson demonstrated it was his daughter that pushed him to inquire Boosie concerning the contentious topic.  Tyson adds that his daughter succeeds to fulfill up with the rapper face .

“My girl, she flew across the way in New York City to Los Angeles, California where I am at only to be there since she believed Boosie was disrespectful she needed to face him.”

In a brand new interview, Boosie states his conversation with Tyson had a weird vibe, also adds the fighter was quite enthusiastic about the subject.

“When I got there, we still obtained the interviewing you understand it looked like he had been enthused about that scenario like he kept going back into this circumstance. I am like telling themI do not agree with this you understand. However, the meeting was bizarre bro it was bizarre. They took plenty of things out the meeting but he had been he looked like he had been enthused about it”

Boosie also states that after the meeting was Tyson’s daughter needed to inquire Boosie a number of queries also.

“And his daughter came from and she is like’Dad I’d like to talk about him. I Would like to ask him a few questions today.’   I say come on, come forth ”

Boosie states she starts to inquire about the people he’s breaking along with his remarks, he states that when he asked him a questionhe asked her a question in return regarding what is happening at the Black community.

“Allow me to tell you exactly what she’s on. ‘Would you understand what is happening from the transgender world now, and also do you know just how many Men and Women are committing suicide and perishing?’   So I’d tell her’Do you understand what is happening with Black individuals at this time? We are getting taken down, they have so many moms around.’ When she’d take that in me I’d take that in her.

He lasted:

So essentially she was stating what she was enthusiastic about and that I had been saying that the things I was enthusiastic about and she could not sense me. I figure she had been saying I could not sense her but that I had been telling her I’ve no ill will .   I had been telling her you are speaking about this, well I am speaking about this too, I feel as if that is a larger subject that is near my heart”

Boosie states there was no fix involving him and also Boosie’s kid and that she walked from the space.

“We did not see eye to eye she got up and walked outside.”

Have a look at the clip under:

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