Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained – Bo’s Fight With Mental Health

Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained - Bo's Fight With Mental Health
Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained - Bo's Fight With Mental Health

Bo Burnham: Inside is a special directed by Bo Burnham and distributed by Netflix. Bo is a famous YouTuber who created this short special which involves some of the activities he does in his closed room. Shot during the pandemic, one of the astonishing aspects about this special is that only two people have created it which includes Josh Senior and Bo himself.

Bo Burnham has received critical acclaim and tons of praises for its themes, cinematography, and music. The special contains various songs, some parodies, and few satirical takes. It spans about 90 minutes and includes the themes of loneliness and depression one goes through. Bo Burnham: Inside ends on a rather positive note and provides good closure. Let’s discuss Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained.

Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained

The Setup

The entire shooting of the special takes place inside a single room. He performs songs and does other activities in this room alone with occasional breaks. Bo discusses his experiences working on this project with time. There’s also an intermission that sees him cleaning up his camera. In the last few moments, we see him doing day-to-day activities. Additionally, we are also shown a montage depicting how he prepares the setup before performing each new song.

The Songs

Bo Burnham performed various songs in this special. He starts from “FaceTime With My Mom Tonight” in which he explains the problems he had to face while video calling her mom. In another song called “How the World Works” he addresses children and tells them about the working of the world. However, this is a satirical song as midway he departs from the main theme and starts talking about genocide and cruel acts committed by humans in the past.

Many of the songs are satirical and sarcastic where he targets modern trends. In one of the songs called “White Woman’s Instagram” Bo discusses various tropes that Instagram users employ in their profile. “Bezos I” is another song that is again sarcastic. “Sexting” sees him talk about sexting and its uses in the modern world while “Look Who’s Inside” and “Problematic” discuss his past self.


Bo also includes various parodies in his special. In one of the parodies, he plays the role of product brand consultant and discusses how these people aren’t honest about their marketing. He also parodies an average YouTuber saying “Thank You” as a gesture for watching the video. A common trope that is found on most YouTubers.

Other Activities

Apart from songs and parodies, the special also contains some other activities. One of those includes him reacting to his song “Unpaid Intern”. However, the reaction takes a different turn when he begins looping his reaction to reacting to the song. In between the songs, Bo discusses some events related to himself. He tells the audience how he would probably commit suicide once he reaches the age of 40.

Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained – Final Montage

Bo Burnham: Inside ending explained – Final Montage

There are various messages spread across the songs in which Bo directly addresses the audience. He reveals that he has mostly recovered from his depression. Through his songs, Bo depicts the state of his life and how he has come through. In the last scene, after his performance, Bo leaves the room. However, gets locked and attempts to get inside. The invisible audience laughs at him as the curtain of this special closes.

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