Blue Period Episode 6 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Blue Period Episode 6 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time
Blue Period Episode 6 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Blue Period is an ongoing anime series based on manga of the same name. Currently, in its first season, its story focuses on a high school student Yaguchi Yatora, an aspiring artist who wants to get into one of the top art schools in Japan.

Yatora is a model student who is good at everything. However, there’s no specific thing that he is dedicated to. He finds an immense interest in arts and to turn it into a career, tries to get into a top art school to support his family. Let’s talk about Blue Period episode 6 spoilers, recap, release date, and time.

Blue Period Episode 6 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Blue Period Episode 5 Recap

In Blue Period episode 5 recap, Ooba announces that the students will be changing classes. All of the students have a switch and Yaguchi ends up being in class D. He is joined by Hashida and another female student. Ooba is their teacher.

Inner Bond

Ooba tells them about months remaining for Geida’s entrance exam. She provides them with the topic of abstract painting to draw. Having not drawn anything without a model, Yaguchi faces some difficulties while drawing.

Ooba and Yaguchi have a discussion where she briefs him about the inner Bond. This thing gets stuck in his head as he heads to the class. During the break, he runs into Ryuji. His teacher asks him to once again participate in the summer activities like the previous time.

Real Bond

The next day, Ooba gives a concrete painting as a topic. However, Yaguchi is still stuck with the thought of a bond. He decides to create an F-100 like Mori. He then asks around his friends about what their thoughts are on the bond.

Yaguchi does receive some help and he decides to go and see Mori’s drawing. He concludes that for Mori, drawing is a sort of prayer and he needs to bring out that element within him. He gets back to the big canvas and starts drawing the way he pursues bond.

Blue Period Episode 6 Spoilers, Recap, Release Date, and Time

Blue Period Episode 6 Spoilers

In Blue Period episode 6 spoilers, the exams in the school are over and now Yaguchi can focus on his drawings. He realizes that students like him don’t have the luxury of multiple attempts. Hence he needs to do his best in his first attempt.

Sisters Shadow

While roaming with his friends, Yaguchi meets Kuwana outside. The next day, he begins drawing and filling out compositions of his black and white sketches. Yaguchi consults with Ooba and she tells him to draw more so that he can perfect his art.

On the terrace, Yaguchi and Kuwana have a conversation. She reveals that if certain someone didn’t exist, she would be able to focus more on painting. He realizes that she is referring to her sister. Kuwana’s biggest weakness is that she lives in the shadow of her older sister.


There’s only one week left for the entrance exam. Ooba assesses each student and concludes that everyone is pretty much ready for the exam. She then consults Yaguchi about his weakness and tells him that he’s not self-centered enough.

While going out in the evening, he meets Koi who then takes him to have dinner. Koi reveals that he got inspired by Yaguchi and wants to go to pastry school to pursue his dream. Yaguchi is glad to hear it and he finally reveals to Koi that he’s scared of drawing.

Blue Period Episode 6 Watch Online

Blue Period episode 6 is available to watch online on Netflix. You’ll need to subscribe to the platform to stream all its episodes.

Blue Period Episode 6 Release Date and Time

Here is Blue Period episode 6 release date and time.

  • Japan – 1:30 AM, November 12th
  • USA/Canada – 11:30 AM, November 12th
  • Indian – 10:00 PM, November 12th
  • UK – 5:30 PM, November 12th
  • Europe (CES) – 6:30, November 12th

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